The BDU supports our stakeholders during this challenging time. We have carefully crafted a series of programmes and seminars that will help our businesses respond to these uncertain and crippling challenges and offers the following short courses:

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SEMINAR I Resource Optimization for Achieving SMART Project Goals 

Project Management FB_0.pngProject management skills are highly regarded in all industries. The ability to lead, plan, and execute projects to stringent deadlines and budgets is a primary skill in all areas of work. Those who can demonstrate competence in this area are considered attractive to prospective employers. Participants of this 4-day seminar will therefore learn how to effectively and efficiently collaborate, communicate, and manage projects using the right tools, techniques, methods and guides to ensure that their project teams understand and successfully execute the project.

Live Lecture via Zoom

Dates: June 21st , 22nd , 28th & 29th, 2023
Times: 9:30 AM – 12:00 Noon (EC/AST)
Seminar Fee: TT$2,800/US$400

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PEOPLE SKILLS WORKSHOP​ : Dealing with Difficult Co-workers for Collaborative Success

In today's competitive business environment, success often depends on the ability to effectively manage interpersonal relationships, including those with difficult co-workers. Difficult coworkers can create a negative work environment that can lead to decreased productivity, low morale, and increased employee turnover.

Course Objectives

  • Identify difficult co-workers
  • Understand the root causes of their behaviour
  • Develop strategies to manage difficult interactions
  • Communicate assertively, set boundaries, and de-escalate conflicts

Live Lecture via Zoom
Dates: May 31st and June 1st 2023
Times: 9:00 - 12:00 Noon AST/EC
Seminar Fee:



EXPORT PLANING:Growing Your Business by Going Global 

Learning Objectives for the seminar
Participants will learn how to:

  • Examine the internal and external elements that influence exporting activities
  • Establish target markets based on examination and country potential
  • Investigate and explore the process involved in selecting, administering and monitoring agents and/or distributors
  • Generate a captivating Export Plan

Key Take-Aways
At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Examine and evaluate their organization’s export market readiness 
  • Develop the skills to identify and evaluate market entry options against company’s objectives, capabilities and strategic intent.
  • Connect and partner with identified stakeholders including agents or distributors
  • Identify barriers to entry, including non- tariff barriers, regulatory, legal, political and cultural issues. 
  • Implement budget management practices
  • Develop a successful Export Plan

Live Lecture via Zoom.
 October 19th , 20th ,26th & 27th, 2022
Times: 9:30 AM – 12:00 Noon (EC/AST)
Seminar Fee: TT$2,800/US$400 

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Customer Service Workshop Creating the Ultimate CX: The RoadMap to Brand Leadership

An excellent customer experience (CX) is one of the core building blocks of any successful company as it is important for achieving sustained growth. As such, creating a positive and indelible customer experience can result in greater sales opportunities, increased customer loyalty, and a strong brand reputation. 

Learning Objectives for the Workshop

  • Understand the new Service Environment & the changing needs of today’s customers
  • Understand the importance of Service Excellence & Customer Experience (CX)
  • Discover three (3) Strategies for delivering Service Excellence
  • Prepare and apply two (2) Management Tools to effectively manage CX
  • Apply CX principles to create customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and increase profitability

Live Lecture via Zoom

Dates: July 13th & 14th ,2022
Times: 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (EC/AST)

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Emotional Intelligence Seminar Hard Facts about Soft Skills: Your Unassuming Superpower

Emotional Intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself and others, that will determine how successful you are in life.

We have all worked with and listened to brilliant people. Some of them were great and…well, some were not so great. The mean and the meek and all those in between can teach us more than they realize. When we look at the truly extraordinary people who inspire and make a difference you will see that they do this by connecting with people at a personal and emotional level. What differentiated them was not their IQ but their EQ – their Emotional Intelligence.

This dynamic 4-day seminar will equip participants with the techniques to build better internal and external relationships and regulate emotions effectively to achieve the best result.

Dates: March 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th
Time: 9.30 AM – 12.00 PM AST: Live Lecture via Zoom

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Business Communication Workshop

Communication is life. In a world that is at the pinnacle of interconnectivity via communication across all platforms, it is imperative to understand how to effectively communicate in all aspects of your life. In particular, understanding organizational communication and communicating in a post-pandemic era is of paramount importance to be competitive.

This workshop will focus on improving written, verbal and nonverbal skills. Participants can expect to explore communication from writing basics to advanced principles of persuasion, influence, and motivation through writing. Individuals will be exposed to different writing styles and uncover varying business communication channels including frequency, mode, and measurement. This workshop also teaches how to effectively analyze audiences and implement appropriate writing techniques to align styles and approaches to the varying requirements.

This highly interactive 2-day workshop is designed to give participants complete exposure to the fundamentals of effective verbal and written communication methods and styles in the current business environment.

Dates: February 16th & 17th  

Time: 9.00 AM – 12.00 PM AST: Live Lecture via Zoom.

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Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing for Sustainable Success in An Uncertain Global Environment

The Covid-19 pandemic has radically transformed the way consumers and businesses conduct daily transactions. The world has been catapulted into a digital environment which is perfectly poised for Marketing professionals and any business owner to use the digital tools to chart the course of their business success when done right.

The workshop is organized into two core modules which will provide participants with an initial introduction to digital marketing and online customer engagement. A key focus of the workshop is on establishing relevant KPIs to measure the impact of a digital marketing campaign.

All Sessions Are Live and Delivered Online

The seminar will be hosted by the Business Development Unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of the West Indies. You will be able to join this seminar via Zoom to participate in discussions, receive hands-on exercises, and interact with the facilitator. The seminar will follow the schedule below:

Dates: November 23rd, 24th, 30th November and December 1st 2021
Time: 5.00 PM – 7.00 PM AST: Live Lecture via Zoom.


Don't hesitate to contact Dalaiah or Vidiya at, or visit for registration details 
Learn more about the seminar, topics, learning objectives and registration details by clicking here


Evolutionary Leadership:Unmasking the Leadership Style of the New Normal


As we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, there is a heightened awareness that technical competence alone will not define organizational success. Instead, an effective response requires a multifaceted leadership approach.

This workshop will expose supervisors, business managers and leaders to practical strategies in Evolutionary Leadership. It will provide participants with tips and resources to inspire an effective and thriving work environment. Participants will learn how to recover, innovate and reinvent their roles; consciously evolve and adapt to the changing work environment; and become a catalyst for a productive, profitable, and engaged workforce. 






Evolve, Empower and Encourage Innovative Decisions with Data Science 

In the era of big data, business leaders are turning toward digital tools to learn, understand and make informed decisions. Successful businesses are moving beyond the basic spreadsheet and revolutionizing theirCapture_0.PNG decision making processes with data science.

This seminar will empower managers and decision-makers to adopt optimal business solutions and pay attention to the issues that matter. Practitioners will be able to use data science to tackle common problems and opportunities in marketing, finance, and logistics.

Participants will learn how to extract information and knowledge from a large body of data and utilize various predictive models and visualization tools to wrangle, analyze, and visualize data.

All sessions are live and delivered online.

Dates: Thursdays, September 23rd, September 30th, October 07th and October 14th 

Time: 5.00 PM – 8.00 PM (AST/ EC) / 4.00 PM – 7.00 PM (EST/JA): Live Lecture via Zoom. 

Learn more about the seminar, topics, learning objectives and registration details by clicking here. Download the seminar information package.


Recent Seminars

Building Mental Resilience: Your COVID-19 Response

The seminar will focus on strategies to effectively support employees during the pandemic.

The Seminar is intended to address:

  • The role of leaders during this crisis;
  • Provide communication tips and techniques to promote employee engagement and team building in the virtual world;
  • How to engage in intelligent emotional coaching;
  • How to lead with compassion and build trust.





Breakfast with CEOs

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an epic test of character and determination for millions of people around the world as they cope with a myriad of fallout issues, restrictions to limit the spread of the virus, declining sales, and keeping productivity up while in remote work. The University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus is staging a series of virtual events, to discuss increasing stress levels and discomfort in the New Normal. The first, a one-hour coffee and conversation with industry leaders, is carded for May 26 at 9:00 am – 10:00 am (AST/EC) 8:00 am – 9:00 am (EST/JA).

Dr. Acolla Lewis-Cameron, Dean and Head of the Business Development Unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences, said it is important to ask the question, “who do the leaders talk to about their stress?” Moderated by Mrs. Shian Ottley-Reid, Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, the conversation will cover issues like: What has the leadership experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic been like?  What are the challenges?  What is mental resilience? How have they been able to exhibit mental resilience through the pandemic?

The session will engage a diverse group of influential voices in leadership positions on dealing with the current pressures and how leaders and managers can develop coping strategies and build mental resilience. On the chat will be Mrs. Andrea Taylor-Hanna, Campus Bursar, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine; Mr. Dion Abdool, Attorney at Law, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Water and Sewerage Authority; Commander Dr. Daryl Dindial, Chief Personnel Officer (Ag.), Commander (Ret’d), Chief Personnel Officer, Personnel Department, Government of Trinidad and Tobago; Ms. Pria Narinesingh, Country Managing Partner, Ernst & Young; and Ms. Gretchen Camacho-Mohammed, Managing Director RBC Royal Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd / Vice President – Business Banking RBC Royal Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Ltd.

Breakfast With CEOs - Building Mental Resilience: Your COVID-19 Response



Strategic Planning for Business Success: Your COVID-19 Response

This webinar is designed to expose participants to the requisite systems and practices to reconstruct effective strategic plans to meet the challenges that lie ahead. It will cover strategic principles specially crafted to promote organizational flexibility and transformation.

Participants will be able to: 

  • Implement measures to protect business continuity and sustainability 
  • Execute imperative business diagnostic tools 
  • Develop and implement significant strategic planning initiatives 
  • Articulate and design innovative and relevant strategic performance management systems 
  • Gen erate a clear and cohesive narrative for transforming organizations in the current context   

It covers three main modules:

  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Strategic Performance Management and  Thinking,
  • Contemporary Issues and Tools. 



Leadership Agility | Transforming to Thrive: Your COVID-19 Response  

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on every country, government, economy, business, and citizen around the globe.Businesses must pivot through this crisis, in reactive and innovative ways to survive. Leaders have become the cornerstone of these responses, driving the organization’s ability to not only survive, but to recover and thrive with thoughtful, reflective, and an evolved definition.

This 4-day seminar offers senior leaders the opportunity to critically reflect and evolve their leadership agility in a post COVID-19 era.

The seminar will focus on five key impact areas of an organization's people strategy:  

Leadership,People,Culture,Learning and Development, Performance 




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