For the period 2023-2027, the Faculty of Social Sciences is focused on building a sustainable system while upholding its motto: "To be socially engaged and solutions oriented."  One of our strategic imperatives is Empowerment of staff, and so we incorporated elements of fun to achieve the desired outcome at Christmastime!

The "Deckorate Your Department" Competition was the first initiative designed to encourage staff to express their creativity by decorating their respective spaces for points in the categories of originality, creativity, emotional appeal, and thematic interpretation under the theme "Trini Christmas is d Best!"   

The "Deckorate your Department" Competition was geared toward fostering camaraderie and healthy competition among the Departments, and this objective was achieved as staff brought their energy, skill and ingenuity to participate in this Competition.  The Department of Behavioural Sciences won, impressing the panel of judges the most with their hospitable interpretation of the theme.  The other participants also impressed the judges with their presentations but not enough to win this first challenge.

This Christmas Competition is the first of three planned events to generate points for the respective Departments.  These points will be added to points earned at the Faculty's main Staff Empowerment initiative for 2023/2024 - a Fun and Family Day scheduled for May 2024.  The Department/Office to earn the most points overall will then win a Challenge Trophy and Bragging Rights so the competition has begun!

Stay tuned for more details as we strive for greater engagement, exposure and empowerment in 2024.

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