Context and Background

An excellent customer experience (CX) is one of the core building blocks of any successful company as it is important for achieving sustained growth. As such, creating a positive and indelible customer experience can result in greater sales opportunities, increased customer loyalty, and a strong brand reputation. Entering a post COVID-19 business environment demands that companies provide their frontline service providers with a clear blueprint for delivering an exceptional customer experience to outperform competitors and create a brand image that is unmatched. Participants will learn how to develop, integrate, and implement some of the critical components of a CX strategy that achieves their organizational goals and objectives and increases profitability.

Learning Objectives for the Workshop

  • Understand the new Service Environment & the changing needs of today’s customers
  • Understand the importance of Service Excellence & Customer Experience (CX)
  • Discover three (3) Strategies for delivering Service Excellence
  • Prepare and apply two (2) Management Tools to effectively manage CX
  • Apply CX principles to create customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and increase profitability

Key Take-Aways

The participant will learn how to:

  • Understand and apply strategies to manage and maximize customer touchpoints.
  • Create a Plan to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations
  • Develop a Customer Journey Map and Service Blueprint to help manage CX and identify the resources needed
  • Deliver customer service with empathy and added value to the customer

Key Topics

Day 1

Welcome & Introduction

  • Dynamics of today’s Service Environment
  • What is Customer Experience (CX)?
  • What is Service Excellence?
  • Your Role as a Service Professional
  • Overview - 5 Strategies for Creating an Exceptional CX
  • Strategy #1 Manage all Customer Touch Points
    • What are Customer Touchpoints?
    • Importance of Customer Touchpoints
    • 3 Main Types of Touchpoints
    • Strategies to Manage & Maximize Touchpoints
  • Management Tool: Create a Customer Journey Map

Day 2

  • Strategy #2 – Meet & Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations
    • 5 Main Customer Expectations
    • Strategies to Exceed Expectations
  • Management Tool: Develop a Service Blueprint
  • Strategy #3 – Serve with Empathy
    • Establish a Human Connection
    • Create Value through Words & Actions
    • Transition from Process to Purpose

The Facilitator

Dr. Leslie-Ann Jordan-Miller Dr. Leslie-Ann Jordan-Miller is a Senior Lecturer at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Department of Management Studies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. She is also the Founder and Director of the Institute of Service Quality Management Ltd. (ISQM) that specializes in customer service training. She is also a Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and holds a Professional Certificate in Event Management, George Washington University and Institute of Business (IOB). She holds a B.Sc. in Tourism Management (First Class Honours) from the University of the West Indies and a Post-graduate Diploma (with Distinction) and Ph.D. in Tourism Policy and Planning from the University of Otago, New Zealand.


Pricing Information

Workshop Fee: TT$1,400/US$200

  • Discount: Get a 10% group discount. Applicable to:
    • Groups of three or more individuals attending from the same organization
    • The UWI campus community

Online payment option (bank charges of 3% applies).

When and Where

The workshop will be hosted by the Business Development Unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of the West Indies. It will utilize interactive pedagogy strategies to promote an engaging learning experience. You will be able to join this workshop via Zoom to participate in discussions, interactive presentations, group exercises, resource videos, and valuable articles and case examples.

The workshop will follow the schedule below:

Dates: July 13th & 14th ,2022
Times: 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (EC/AST)

Live Lecture via Zoom.

Contact Dalaiah at, or visit  for registration details or complete the registration link below.

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