Qualifications for Admission

Before registration and beginning courses in the Department of Management Studies, the candidate must satisfy the University Matriculation Entrance Requirements for entry to a degree programme.


Level I Requirements

Students must satisfy the requirements for a minimum of 30 credits at Level I comprising:

a. such foundation courses as are required and offered;

b. other compulsory courses in the chosen degree option, as specified in the Faculty Handbook;

c. free electives to bring the total credits to 30.


Requirements for Entry to Levels II and III

Students are required to satisfy prerequisites (where they exist) for Levels II and III courses.


Requirements for the Award of the Degree 

In order to qualify for the award of a degree, a student must:

a) have completed a minimum of 90 credits (normally equivalent to 30 semester courses) of which at least 30 credits are from Level I semester courses (including the Foundation Course requirement)

b) have at least 60 credits from Levels II and III semester courses

c) have satisfied the requirements for their specific degree programmes. 


Degrees are offered in the following categories:



Double major

Major and one minor

Major and two minors

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