Victory belongs to the Department of Management Studies!

The second initiative under the strategic imperative for Empowerment of staff was effected during the Carnival with the FSS Carnival Lime: “Represent Your Favourite Calypsonian/Soca Artiste” Department Competition held on Carnival Friday 9th February 2024.

The FSS Carnival Lime comprised of multiple opportunities for staff members to engage in friendly competition to bolster collaboration and team building towards earning points for their respective Offices/Units/Departments. The competition included the following sections:

  1. Represent a calypsonian/soca artiste competition,
  2. Karaoke competition and
  3. Open segment
Mrs Valerie Matas, Department of Political Science.png Ms Alexandria Timothy, Department of Management Studies.png
Mrs. Valerie Matas, Department of Political Science Ms. Alexandria Timothy, Department of Management Studies


The delightful afternoon commenced with Category 1. Staff members showed off their creative side with Mrs. Valerie Matas' topping the category for the Department of Political Science with her energetic delivery.

Department Name Category 1: Represent Your Favourite Calypsonian / Soca Artiste Points Awarded
Dean's Office Ms. La Shea Edwin 'Market' by Nadia Batson 20.5
Political Science Mrs. Valerie Matas 'Safe on the Inside' by Denyse Plummer and Michelle Sylvester 22
Management Studies Ms. Alexandria Timothy 'Hello' by Kes Diefenthaller (Steelpan Rendition) 15.5
Ms. Tammy Williams 'Safe on the Inside' by Denyse Plummer and Michelle Sylvester 16.5


Ms La Shea Edwin, Dean's Office.png Dr Syed Shah, Department of Management Studies.png
Ms. La Shea Edwin, Dean's Office Dr. Syed Shah, Department of Management Studies


For the Karaoke and Open Segment, there was full participation with the competitiveness being strong and rich! In the end, the Department of Management Studies hauled away with the most points, a remarkable total of 105.5 points as their staff represented at every level!

Department Name Competition 2: Open Segment Points Awarded
Management Studies Dr. Syed Shah Stand Up Comedy 22
Dr. Shellyanne Wilson Karaoke - 'Die with Dignity' by Singing Sandra 15
Dr. Shellyanne Wilson Karaoke - 'Bahia Girl' by David Rudder 21
Tammy Williams Karaoke - 'To the Ceiling' by Isaac Blackman 15.5
Political Science Ms. Gabrielle Simbho Karaoke - 'Calypso Music' by David Rudder 15.5
Behavioural Sciences Dr. Samantha Thomas Karaoke - 'Yuh Looking for Horn' by Mighty Shadow 22
Dean's Office Mr. Kwesi Jobity Karaoke - 'Party' by Baron 18
Mrs. Joanna Olatunji Karaoke - 'Watch Out My Children' by Ras Shorty I 22


Ms. Tammy Williams, Department of Management Studies.png
Ms. Tammy Williams, Department of Management Studies


In the spirit of goodwill, an additional two points for each staff member were awarded to the Department of Behavioural Sciences for their support, being dressed in orange and who brought healthy doses of enthusiasm. The Department of Behavioural Sciences received an additional 12 points in total.  

Below are the total points accumulated by the respective Offices/Departments/Units over the two initiatives:

Office Total Points
Management Studies 122.5
Dean's Office 78.1
Political Science 54.5
Behavioural Sciences 52
SALISES None Yet :)


Thanks goes out to each member of staff for their continued representation from the different Offices/Departments/Units as the Faculty continues to implement its vision "to be socially engaged and solutions oriented" by strategically empowering, engaging and exposing its people, its processes and its products.

We are excited for the outcome of the 3rd and final Empowerment initiative, the FSS’ Fun and Family Day in May to see who will cup the Challenge Trophy and Bragging Rights!

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