‘I, along with members of TTMF’s Management Team, had the pleasure of attending the Leadership Agility ­ - Transforming to Thrive seminar over the period November to December 2020. The experience was indeed a memorable one as it allowed for practical discussions with attendees from various sectors and countries. At TTMF, participants are able to employ the skills and tips learnt as we continue to face the challenges presented by the global pandemic. The experience with the FSS BDU and facilitator was professional and people-focused and it created an atmosphere to discuss issues openly and honestly which was really appreciated.  The content,  presentations and e-book was of good quality with lots of opportunity to participate during the sessions. Well done, FSS BDU!’

Robert C. Green
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer


I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar series as it gave valuable insight into thriving amid Covid-19. The facilitator was very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience which she was able to share with the group. I appreciated the diversity in the group and could see how the knowledge and experience shared could be used in all areas of business to achieve great success.

Ornella Mohan-Ragnauth

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