Overview of MAP

The MAP Programme is a graduate professional development certificate (with academic credit) programme that offers courses to professionals in Trinidad and Tobago and regionally who are committed to continuous learning and development. This specific package caters specifically to educators (Principals, Secondary and Primary School teachers, Curriculum Specialists, School Administrators, General Educators) and individuals aspiring to venture into the field of education. The programme is designed to increase marketability and competitiveness in the professional arena, making it perfect for boosting career prospects and fast tracking their ability to ladder up to a Master’s Degree.


The Value to You

Our postgraduate course bundles are tailored to help you climb the ladder of success by providing you with the skills you need to succeed. With the opportunity to ladder up to a higher degree programme, such as a PG Diploma or M.Sc., our courses will help you achieve your career goals.


Who should do this MAP Postgraduation Bundle?

  • Secondary and Primary School Teachers 
  • Curriculum Specialists and Administrators 
  • General Educators – out of the school system
  • Recent graduates of Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degrees


MAP Learning Streams

This MAP bundle offers two learning streams that align with current market needs and trends:

  • Keys to Evidence-Based Instruction
  • Curriculum Leadership


Keys to Evidence-Based Instruction (3 months)

Students will possess enhanced skills in reading assessment and diagnosis, tiered interventions in reading and emerging digital literacy skills/technologies.

Curriculum Leadership (3 months)

Students will engage in innovative approaches to educational leadership, curriculum planning, policy and implementation.


For more information

Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Cherisse Permell-Hutton at sta-fssbdu@sta.uwi.edu, or visit https://sta.uwi.edu/fss/business-development-unit  for further details.


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