Phylum: Arthropoda  Class: Insecta  Order: Diptera

Flies are insects with a single pair of wings, there are approximately 240,000 species. They include the gnats, mosquitos, house flies and hoverflies. The true flies are a very important group as many transmit diseases and have a significant impact on human health.

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Trinidad & Tobago Flies

A lot of early work on vector species including the flies was carried out in Trinidad. Almost 200 species of mosquito have been recorded from these islands. Other groups such as the horseflies and blood-sucking midges have also been well studied.

For detailed species lists for some of the major Dipteran families found in T&T see these following papers:

Midges - Ceratopogonidae

Crane Flies - Tipulidae

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UWIZM Collections

In the museum there are two cabinets from the CABI collection, one from UWI/ICTA and one from CAREC. There are representatives of over 32 families. They have been collected from all over Trinidad and the surrounding region with a focus on the vector species such as the mosquitos.


Drawer of flies from the family Tachinidae, a parasitic group 

A Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) from the CAREC collection

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