Portuguese Man O' War (Physalia physalis) - Photo by Mike G. Rutherford

The accounts are organized by common name for accessibility, including multiple entries under alternative names where useful. Common names may be found from scientific names in the taxonomic listing above. Endemic species (E) are those that are only found in Trinidad and Tobago. Introduced or invasive species (I) are those with breeding populations in the wild that are not native to Trinidad and Tobago. Accidental or occasional visitors (A) are species that may naturally occur as individuals in Trinidad and Tobago or its offshore waters but do not form breeding populations or regular migrations. Dangerously venomous species (V) and those which may cause severe stings (S) to humans are also indicated.   

Arthropods (Insects, Crustaceans, Millipedes, Centipedes, etc.)

 Alligator Bug

Amberwing, Slough

American Cockroach (I)

Ant, Army (S) Ant, Cayenne
Ant, Electric (I, S) Ant, Ghost (I)

Ant, Red Imported Fire (I, S)

Ant, Tropical Fire (I,S) Apricot Sulphur Butterfly

Asian Tiger Mosquito (I)

Atlantic Ghost Crab

Ant, Leaf-cutting​ or Bachac 

Barnacle, Caribbean

Batwing Coral Crab
Beetle, Harlequin Beetle, Hercules Beetle, Spider Long-horned Bloodsucking Conenose Blue Crab
Blue Crab, Lesser Blue Land Crab Bug, Giant Water Bullseye Moth Butterfly, Biscuit or White Peacock

Butterfly, Cambridge Blue or Giant Hairstreak

Butterfly, Cloudless Sulphur

Butterfly, Cramer's 88

Butterfly, Emperor

Butterfly, Ethilia Longwing 

Butterfly, Flambeau

Butterfly, Ghost Yellow

Butterfly, Grey Cracker

Butterfly, Isabella's Longwing

Butterfly, Juliette

Butterfly, Mangrove Buckeye

Butterfly, Monarch

Butterfly, Morpho

Butterfly, Orange Mapwing

Butterfly, Owl

Butterfly, Pointed Sister

Butterfly, Postman

Butterfly, Queen

Butterfly, Scarlet Peacock

Butterfly, Red Postman

Butterfly, Six Continent or Mimic

Butterfly, Small Flambeau

Caribbean Spiny Lobster Carmine Skimmer Dragonfly Carolina Mantis
Centipede, Giant (S) Changa Cockroach, Giant Cave Conehead Termite or Tree Termite Crab, Caribbean Hermit

Crab, Freshwater

Crab, Giant Hermit

Crab, Atlantic Hairback Fiddler

Crab, Hairy or Mangrove

Crab, Mangrove Root

Crab, Mangrove Tree-climbing

Crab, Manicou 

Crab, Mole or Sea Tattoo

Crab, Mudflat Fiddler

Crab, River

Crayfish, Stream or Shrimp

Crazy Ant, Longhorn (I)

Cricket, West Indian Mole

Dew-drop Spider 

Donkey Eye Butterfly 
Dwarf Scorpion (E)  Dwarf Tarantula, Trinidad or Valentine Tarantula Frangipani Sphinx Moth Giant Grasshopper  Hawkmoth, Pink-spotted
Hibiscus Mealybug (I)

Jack Spaniard (S) 

Lobster, Spotted Spiny 

Maribone (S)

Millipede, Yellow-banded or Bumblebee
Mite, Red Palm (I) Mosquito, Yellow Fever (I)  Orb Weaver, Golden Orb Weaver, Seven-sided Pink-toed Tarantula or Tree Spider
Red-banded Coral Shrimp Sand Snapping Shrimp  Scorpion, Slender-tailed (E, S) Scorpion, Trinidad Thick-tailed (V) Silver Argiope Spider
Silver Spotted Flambeau or Gulf Fritillary Spider, Spitting Stick Insect, Trinidad (E) Tarantula, Trinidad Chevron (E) Trinidad Twig (E)

Wasp, Yellow Paper (S)

Cnidaria (Corals, Anemeones, Jellyfish, etc.)

Anemone, Elegant

Anemone, Giant Caribbean Sea or Pink or Purple-tipped

Anemone, Red Beaded Bipinnate Sea Plume Black Sea Rod
Boulder Brain Coral Boulder Star Coral or Lobed Star Coral Branching Fire Coral (S)

Coral, Elkhorn

Coral, Elliptical Star
Coral, Finger

Coral, Flower

Coral, Golfball Coral, Great Star Coral, Grooved Brain 

Coral, Lettuce

Coral, Massive Starlet Coral, Maze Coral, Mountainous Star Coral, Mustard Hill

Coral, Orange Cup (I)

Coral, Pillar Coral, Pineapple Coral, Rose Coral, Staghorn
Coral, Sun (I) Coral, Tube Jellyfish, Moon

Jellyfish, Upside-down

Portuguese Man o' War (S) 

 Purple Sea Fan

Sea Fan, Venus or West Indian White Encrusting Zoanthid

Echinoderms (Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers, Sea Stars, etc.)

Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber Reef Urchin Sea Cucumber, West Indian Sea Egg, West Indian

Sea Star, West Indian or Red Cushion Sea Star

Sea Urchin, Long-spined Black Sea Urchin, Rock-boring Sea Urchin, Variegated

Porifera (Sponges) 

Black-ball Sponge Branching Vase Sponge Caribbean Barrel Sponge

Sponge, Yellow Tube 

Molluscs (Snails, Bivalves, Squid, etc.)

African Snail, Giant (I) 

Ark Clam, Turkey Wing

Asian Green Mussel (I) Beaded Periwinkle

Caribbean Reef Octopus

Caribbean Reef Squid

Conch, Pale

Conch, Queen

Flame Scallop

Freshwater or Black Conch

Giant Ramshorn Snail

Mangrove Periwinkle

Orchid Snail (I)

Oyster, Atlantic Winged

Oyster, Flat Tree
Ram's Horn Squid Red-rimmed Melania (I) Squid, Vampire

Topshell, West Indian

Other Invertebrates (Annelids, Onychophorans, etc.)

Bearded Fireworm (S)

Christmas Tree Worm Velvet Worm Peripatus


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