Phylum: Arthropoda  Class: Insecta  Order: Mantodea

The mantises are a small but popular order of insects, around 2,400 species have been described worldwide. They are generally ambush predators with large eyes and forelegs that are covered in spines and adapted for seizing prey.

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Trinidad & Tobago Mantodea

In Trinidad and Tobago there are 19 species known to be present. Various papers have been written examining behaviour and taxonomy of the local fauna. 

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Greener & Rutherford - T&T Mantids

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UWIZM Collections

In the museum there are five drawers containing over 250 individual specimens from the CABI and UWI collections. 

Families in the collections include:

Acanthopidae, Liturgusidae, Mantidae, Mantoidae, Mantoididae, Thespidae


Drawer of large mantids

Tithrone roseipennis a small mantid with one red and one green wing case

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Last updated 28 June 2018

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