Q. What is the deadline for responding to say if I wish to attend the ceremony?

A. The deadline for responding is October 4, 2023.


Q. What are the dates and times?

A. The St. Augustine ceremonies are on October 26th, 27th and October 28th, 2023. These are Faculty specific and the dates and times must be carefully noted. Please see here for more information.


Q.  What should I wear?

A.   Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and graduates are required to wear as follows:

Female – white only either dresses or suits with black shoes. (Other colours are not acceptable).

Please ensure that dresses are appropriate for the occasion and should include a strap for fastening/securing of the gown. Very short dresses, tight dresses and outfits with revealing cleavage are inappropriate.

Male – use of formal wear/dark lounge suits.

Gowns are designed to be worn with shirts. You should therefore bring along safety pins to secure gowns to apparel. 

Q.   How long will the ceremony be?

A.   Graduation ceremonies are approximately 2 hours in duration.


Q.   Am I eligible for graduation?

A.   You are required to check with your Faculty. If however your academic record indicates that you have been awarded in the 2022/2023 Academic Year, and you have no outstanding fees payable to The University, then you are eligible to attend Graduation Ceremonies 2023.



Q.   I have a temporary/permanent disability; would special arrangements be made for me?

A.     Yes.  Please email the Senior Assistant Registrar/Examinations at graduation@sta.uwi.edu by September 29, 2023 and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Q.    I have registered for my Graduation Ceremony but I am now unable to participate.  What should I do?

A.     An email to graduation@sta.uwi.edu indicating your absence will also be appreciated


Q.   At what time does my ceremony take place?

A.    Please refer here for accurate information on date and time of each Ceremony at the respective Campuses. You must arrive at least one and a half hours before the scheduled start of the Ceremony. Procession begins half an hour before the Ceremony’s Official start.


Q.   When can I have my official graduation photographs taken?

A.    The designated official photographer/s will be available on our website.  Kindly visit here for updated information.


Q.    If I am unable to attend the ceremony this year, is it possible to defer attendance?

A.    There is no provision for deferral of attendance.


Q.   Can I have my personal photographer take pictures before Graduation Ceremonies?

A.    No, only the designated UWI photographer(s) are allowed to take photographs at the venue before Graduation Ceremonies. This request may be facilitated after each Graduation Ceremonies have occurred.


Q.   After I register online to participate in Graduation 2023, what should I expect?

A.  You will receive clear instructions from the Examinations Section and from the Office of Marketing and Communication regarding Graduation 2023 via email and social media.  You are required to check https://sta.uwi.edu/graduation/ regularly for updates.


Q.   If I have a question concerning Graduation 2023, where can I send my queries?

A.    You may direct all questions to graduation@sta.uwi.edu and you will receive a response within two business days.

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