Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES)


2023  24th Annual SALISES Conference Seventy-Five Years of Ideas, Innovation, and Development Justice- The UWI, the Caribbean and the Global Agenda - May 3 - 5, 2023

2023  Conference on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Trinidad & Tobago Black Power Revolution - April 20-21, 2023.

2020 The Rise of Global Populism and its Policy Impact on Caribbean Development
2020 SAL Distinguished Lecture - China’s Rise as a Global Economic Power: What are the Implications of a Developing World?
2019 The Regional Impact of the Current Political and Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela
2019 Systemic Risk and Microeconomics ‘Fat Tails’
2019 The Time has come to Permanently Retire all our Caribbean Currencies
2019 Public Perception of Equality and Discrimination in Trinidad & Tobago – An Academic Critique
2019 40th Anniversary of the Grenada Revolution
2019 Designing & Managing Mixed Methods in Academic and Applied Settings
2019 State Capacity and Economic Development
2019 The Life and Work of Sir Arthur Lewis
2019 The Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Symposium
2018 Empowering Persons With Disabilities
2018 Sir W. Arthur Lewis and the Possibility of Development
2018 The 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Lloyd Best' Theory of Pure Plantation Economy & the Birth of the Tapia House Group
2018 The Role of Social Media in National Elections in Trinidad & Tobago
2018 The Constitution (Ammendment)(Tobago Self-Government) Bill 2018
2018 Whither the Left in the Caribbean
2016 Population Issues and Dynamics in T&T: Theory, Practice and Policy for Post 2015 SDGs.

Revolution, Socio-Economic Change and Freedoms, SALISES, Cave Hill Campus


Development Strategy and Policy for Small States in the Context of Global Change, SALISES, Mona Campus

2014 Caribbean Development: Standing still or Standing tall? Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Challenges.
2011 The Sustainable Development of Coastal Communities: Challenges and Solutions
2010 Turmoil and Turbulence in Small Developing States: Going beyond Survival
2009 Turtle Conservation, Ecotourism and Sustainable Community Development Conference
2009 3rd Biennial International Conference on Business, Banking & Finance
2007 Crisis, chaos and change: Caribbean Development Challenges in the 21st Century
2005 Governance, Institutions and Economic Growth: Reflections on W. Arthur Lewis’ Theory of Economic Growth
2004 The CARICOM Single Market and Economy: Legal, Political, Economic and Social Dimensions.
2002 Independent Thought and Caribbean Freedom: Testimonial Conference in Honour of Lloyd Best.


Governance in the Contemporary Caribbean -The Way Forward

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