Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES)

  1. Managing Adaptation to Coastal Environmental Change: Canada and the Caribbean
  2. Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Water Resources and Human Livelihoods in the Coastal Zones of Small Island Developing States (CASCADE)

  3. Policy Coherence for Climate Change Governance: Checklist (SALISES has been conducting research on Policy Coherence for Climate Change Governance and has produced a checklist which may be useful to stakeholders engaging in Climate Policy)
  4. Sustainable Water Management under Climate Change in Small Island States of the Caribbean in collaboration with CERMES and CCCCC and funded by the IDRC.
  5. Under its Innovation and Competitiveness Initiative, the SALISES has successfully completed the project entitled "Extractive Industries as a Platform for the Creation of Knowledge Intensive industries: Trinidad and Tobago’s Oil and Gas Service Providers", funded by the IDRC.

  6. Under its Innovation and Competitiveness Initiative, the SALISES has successfully completed the following projects funded by the IDB:
    • FDI and Firm Innovative Activity and Productivity in the Caribbean;
    • Barriers to Innovation and Firm Productivity in the Caribbean;
    • Knowledge Intensive Business Services in the Oil and Gas Sector in Trinidad and Tobago;
    • In-Firm Training, Innovation and Productivity: The Case of Caribbean Small Island Developing States.

       7. Disability Studies Research Cluster 

            Aim of Cluster: The main aim of the Disability Studies Research Cluster (DSRC) is to conduct research related to persons with disabilities in the Caribbean region for the purpose of            promoting evidence-based policies geared towards their improved livelihoods and their full participation in society. The DSRC will also host both public and academic forums to share findings emerging from its research, engage with public awareness projects, as well as collaborate with other academic and non-academic organisations in the region in the conduct and dissemination of disability research.

Members: Dr. Bephyer Parey (Chair)
                  Dr. Elisabeth Kutscher
                  Ms. Hannah Enightoola

                  Dr. Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon

Current Activities: The DSRC is currently responsible for operationalizing a Memorandum of Understanding between the University of the West Indies and the Equal Opportunity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago. The ongoing project involves examining the complaints lodged by persons with disabilities to understand (i) the challenges faced by persons with disabilities when accessing education, employment, good and services, and accommodations as well as (ii) the capacity of the existing legislative framework to promote equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. The Cluster is also embarking on a public awareness project to showcase the contributions persons with disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago make to society.

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