Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES)

Godfrey St. Bernard

Acting Director (2021- present)

Dr. Godfrey St. Bernard is the Acting Director, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES), The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. Between 1980 and 1987, he worked as a statistician in the Central Statistical Office (CSO) in Trinidad and Tobago and was responsible for the production of social and vital statistics published by the CSO.

He obtained a B.A Mathematics and Economics (1980) from The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, his M.A Sociology (1989) and his Ph.D. Social Demography (1993) from the University of Western Ontario (now Western University) in London, Ontario, Canada. He has been the recipient of two prestigious fellowships that permitted him to complete his post-graduate studies at the University of Western Ontario. During 1987-1991, he was the recipient of a CIDA/CELADE Fellowship and during 1991-1992, he was the recipient of a Population Council Fellowship.

His current academic interests include problems akin to population dynamics and sustainable development in the Circum-Caribbean; applied social statistical analysis to facilitate evidence-based decision-making in social policy research and practice; studies focusing on the wellbeing of children and youth; violence prevention and safety promotion; vulnerability and resilience in small states; return migration; and the measurement of social phenomena.

Dr. St. Bernard is the co-author of one book entitled Behind the Bridge – Power, Politics and Patronage in Laventille, Trinidad (1997) and a monograph entitled Adult Literacy in Trinidad and Tobago - A Study of the Findings of the National Literacy Survey 1995. In 1996, he authored yet another monograph 1990-1991 Population and Housing Census of the Commonwealth Caribbean - National Census Report: St. Lucia. Since 1994, Dr, St. Bernard has authored numerous scholarly studies that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, chapters in edited books and in a variety of formats in other professional media. He has also been the author of a number of technical papers.

As a demographer/statistician and survey research specialist, Dr. St. Bernard has worked as a consultant on a wide array of projects locally, regionally and internationally. He has travelled globally and presented papers at conferences on every continent. During the period 2006-2009, he was instrumental as a co-leader of a CARICOM Project that trained in excess of 100 Caribbean statisticians and senior research professionals in the use of formal demographic techniques for analyzing census and sample survey data.

In 2012-2013, he was the President of the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) and continues to serve the CSA sharing his experience with its membership. Dr. St. Bernard is also a member of a number of other prestigious professional associations including the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), International Sociological Association (ISA), Caribbean Association of Professional Statisticians (CAPS), and Population Association of America (PAA). Currently, he is the Chairperson of the SALISES Cluster on Population and Sustainable Development and continues to serve as an allied researcher in other SALISES Clusters including those on Youth Development, Social Policy, and Sustainable Rural and Agricultural Development.

Having been primarily responsible for the establishment of the M.Sc in Development Statistics offered in the SALISES, Dr. St. Bernard continues to serve as the Co- ordinator of that programme except during the academic year 2020/2021 when he was on sabbatical leave. He teaches Research Methodology and Applied Social Statistics in SALISES and a number of other department across the St. Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies. In addition to sitting on a number of doctoral examination committees, he has successfully supervised three doctoral candidates and more than 100 candidates who read for their Master’s degrees. With respect to public service, he has served and continues to serve on a number of Cabinet-Appointed Committees and Technical Advisory Groups in Trinidad and Tobago, including the National Task Force for the Establishment of the National Statistical Institute of Trinidad and Tobago.

Since 2017, Dr. St. Bernard has been the Project Leader on two international projects. The first is the Rights for Children and Youth Partnership (RCYP) Project that is conducted in eight countries including Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The second is the Development of a Comprehensive Wealth Index for Trinidad and Tobago that is one of similar projects being undertaken by teams from Canada, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. Since January 2020, Dr. St. Bernard has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Caribbean Association of Professional Statisticians (JCAPS). In that capacity, he has led the process responsible for the establishment of JCAPS, a double-blind peer reviewed online journal. The inaugural issue of the journal was released in April 2022.


Hamid Ghany

Director 2017-2021

Professor Hamid Ghany retired from the University effective 1st October 2021.  He was the Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Development (SALISES) from 1st October, 2017 to 30th September 2021.  Prior to his Directorship at the SALISES he was a Senior Lecturer in Political Science in the Department of Political Science as well as a former Head of the Department of Behavioural Sciences (1999-2003) and a former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences ​(Ag. Dean 2003-2004 and substantive Dean 2004-2012) at The UWI, St. Augustine.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of the West Indies (1978); a Master of Arts degree in Political Science from Fordham University, New York, USA (1982); and, a Ph.D. degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, England in Constitutional Law and Government (1987).

He was the recipient of Trinidad and Tobago’s second highest national award, the Chaconia Medal (Gold), for “long and meritorious service to Trinidad and Tobago” as an Educator in the field of Education on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the independence of Trinidad and Tobago in 2012. 

His public service over the years has been extensive.  He has served on two Constitution Commissions of Trinidad and Tobago (​1988-1990) and (2013-2014) and chaired the Public Consultations on (i) Constitution Reform for the late Prime Minister Patrick Manning (2009-2010) on whose Round Table on Constitution Reform he sat (2008-2010) and (ii) for former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on the grant of Internal Self-Government for Tobago (2012). Previously, he had served as a member of the Tobago House of Assembly Technical Team for discussions with the Central Government under the chairmanship of the late Karl Hudson-Phillips, Q.C. (1992-1995). He also served as Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves' representative on the Drafting Committee for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Draft Constitution in 2009 (together with Dr. Francis Alexis, Q.C.) and he served as an adviser to the late Madam Justice Suzie D’Auvergne, Chairperson of the St. Lucia Constitution Reform Commission (2010-2011).

Among his many publications, he has edited 'The W. Arthur Lewis Reader' (2019), authored 'Constitutional Development in the Commonwealth Caribbean" (2018), co-authored ‘Remapping the Americas’ (2014) with W. Andy Knight and Julián Castro-Rea; authored ‘Kamal: A Lifetime of Politics, Religion and Culture’ (1996); and a Monograph ‘Changing our Constitution’ (2009) as well as several book chapters and also articles in the Journal of Legislative Studies, the International Journal of Human Rights, and the Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Social Psychology among others. He has also presented several papers at international conferences on the subjects of constitutional affairs and parliamentary studies.

In 2014, he was awarded a research grant from the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Committee in the United Kingdom to lead a research project on 'Magna Carta in the Commonwealth Caribbean' in 2015 in celebration of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.

​He was appointed a full Professor on 1st October 2020 and upon his retirement on 1st October 2021, he was appointed an Honorary Professor of The UWI and assigned to the SALISES Departments across The UWI system.

Prof. Ghany is married to Marilyn (nee Mc Kinstry).


Patrick Watson
Director 2003-2017

Prof. Patrick Watson received a BSc in Commerce from the University of Leeds in 1973 and his L-es-Econ, M-es-Econ, and PhD in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris in 1980. He was the Coordinator of the Economic Measurement Unit, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the West Indies and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (1995-2003).

His areas of expertise included Econometric Modelling of Caribbean phenomena (in particular monetary and fiscal policy), Economic Measurement, Statistical Analysis and Climate Change Related Issues. Prof. Watson's publications included books and articles in the area of Theoretical and Applied Econometrics and Caribbean Economy. He was also involved in the supervision of PhD and Master's theses and projects, and teaching of quantitative economic courses at the Graduate level.

He has also served on the Board of Directors of various State Enterprises, as a Government Senator, and on Government Committees and conducted executive level training in statistical and econometric analysis (including the use of software like E-views and SPSS).


Selwyn Ryan
Director 1986-2003

Professor Selwyn Ryan received a BA (Hons.) degree in History from the University of Toronto in 1960 and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Cornell University in 1966.

Since then, he has taught at York University in Toronto, the University of Ghana, Makerere University in Uganda and in the Department of Government of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad. At the latter, he was Departmental Head from 1976 to 1979

He has also been a member of two Constitutional Commissions established by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, Deputy Chairman of the Caribbean Press Council and President of Caribbean Studies Association (1989 - 1990). He has also been the University Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Studies, University of the West Indies. He has been the Director of the St. Augustine Branch of the Institute since 1986.


Jack Harewood
Director 1970-1985

Jack Harewood, was born in San Fernando, Trinidad. He was educated at the London School of Economics between 1949 and 1952, where he gained his BSc in Economics. His special subject was Statistics, including Social Statistics and Demography. His postgraduate work included three months of training in Sampling at Rothamstead Experimental Station in England, and a six month period of special work in Demography at Chicago University.

Upon returning home, Mr Harewood served as Assistant Government Statistician for Trinidad and Tobago during the 1957-1968 period and Associate Director, Census Research Programme at the University of the West Indies during the 1968-1970 period. He was appointed to the post of Associate Director of ISER, St. Augustine in 1970. Mr Jack Harewood had travelled widely and several occasions attended prestigious conferences such as the World Population Conference in Belgrade and those convened by the International Statistical Institute and the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population.

During his illustrious and distinguished career he authored a monograph entitled; The Population of Trinidad and Tobago, the CICRED Series, 1975. He was also the author of several other monograph, journal, articles and chapters in edited texts. Mr. Harewood was also engaged in a number of technical Studies that included directing and writing numerous reports and papers associated with the World Fertility Surveys and the Population and Housing Censuses in the Anglophone Caribbean


Norma Abdulah 1982-1992
Deputy Associate Director

Norma Abdulah was born in Jamaica on October 28, 1930 and educated at Oxford University (St. Hugh's College) between 1950 and 1953 where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Her special subject was Statistics. Her postgraduate work was done at Nuffield College, Oxford from 1953 to 1954 where she gained a Certificate in Statistics.

Ms. Abdulah returned to Jamaica where she served as a Research Fellow, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica for a short period in 1954. In Trinidad, she was employed as a Statistician with the Central Statistical Office during the period 1954 - 1956 and Assistant Census Officer, Trinidad and Tobago, 1957 -1960. In 1970 she was appointed to the post of Research Fellow, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, then it was agreed that the post of Deputy Associate Director, ISER, St.. Augustine, be conferred on her in 1982.

Norma Abdulah attended several conferences and meetings, such as the UNESCO Conference on Education, Bogota, Colombia, Seminar on "Population Growth Targets" held in Trinidad, April, 1973 by the Committee for the Co-ordination of National Research in Demography: (CICRED), Meetings of the International Statistical Institute and the International Association of Survey Statisticians; Vienna, Austria, August, 1973 and the Meeting of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population; Liege, Belgium; August - September, 1973.

Mrs. Abdulah was the author of several monographs published by the ISER, the International Statistical Institute and Macro International. She contributed articles to edited texts and was also the author of several technical reports. One of her major contributions was the book entitled: Designing Social Surveys for the Caribbean.



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