Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES)

Postgraduate Programmes • MPhil/PhD Degree

Entry Requirements

MPhil Degree

Admission to the MPhil degree programme normally requires a bachelor's degree or equivalent with at least an Upper Second Class Honours degree and relevant work experience.

A Candidate who does not satisfy this requirement may be admitted in the first instance as a qualifying student and must satisfy specified course requirements as determined by the Institute's Entrance Committee and approved by the Board of Graduate Studies and Research (BGSR) before being finally admitted to the M.Phil degree.

PhD Degree

Admission to the Ph.D. degree programme normally requires the candidate to:

  • Have completed an appropriate post graduate qualification, or
  • Be transferred from the M. Phil. And Ph.D. degree programmes, and
  • Have the relevant work experience.

Applicants to the M.Phil and Ph.D. degree programmes are also required to submit a short research proposal which will be considered by the Institute's Entrance Committee.

Course of Study

Students in the MPhil and PhD degree programmes are required to complete the following:

  1. Three (3) courses; (3 credits each) and;
  2. A dissertation (MPhil)/thesis (PhD).

The required courses are:

  1. Directed Readings on Thesis Topic;
  2. Research Design and Management;
  3. Specialised Research Methods.

The length of the dissertation for the M.Phil degree candidates should not normally exceed 50,000 words excluding footnotes and appendices.


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