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Statistical Programming & Statistical Analysis with R Studio - Short Course

The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) is offering a virtual short course, Statistical Programming and Statistical Analysis with R Studio Course beginning July 12th 2022, facilitated by Dr. Amanda Thomas. The course consists of ten (10) modules that will run over 5 weeks with two (2) 3hr sessions per week. This course will cover basic topics and techniques in statistical inference within the statistical computing software R and the R-Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and its delivery will focus on merging theoretical and applied statistics.

 After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand the differences and advantages of using R as open source and open-ended statistical software over proprietary menu driven programs such as SPSS
  • Recognize the meaning and significance of syntax-driven statistical literacy 
  • Analyze data using a variety of file formats and data frames.
  • Run basic commands and functions in R and R-Studio, load, run and edit script files.
  • Develop and adapt R code
  • Understand the importance of developing command prompts which tell R what to do, how to do it, while understanding why it is done
  • Understand the theoretical properties and assumptions of relevant descriptive and inferential statistical techniques
  • Utilize graphics functions for univariate and bivariate data visualization 
  • Interpret and contextualize relevant results
  • Troubleshoot challenges using online functions, communities and forums
  • Statistical clarity on the R workspace and the R-Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). 
  • Analyze and interpret scores connected to important national, regional and international development indicators.


The following provided the cost associated with specific categories of prospective participants.

Target Learners



Current UWI (St. Augustine) Learners – Students and Staff



Graduates of the MSc. Development Statistics



Current UWI (Mona, Cave Hill, Five Islands, Open) Learners – Students and Staff



Graduates of the UWI (St. Augustine, Mona, Cave Hill, Five Islands, Open)



Residents currently residing in Guyana, Suriname and all UWI Contributing Countries (Not among target groups 1-4 above)



All Other Learners



Minimal Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree with at least one Undergraduate Level Course in Statistics

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