Summer School Session



The following categories of students are eligible for admission to the Summer School:

  • Registered students of the University who have to repeat any of the course(s) offered.
  •  Registered students of the University who have not taken the course(s) previously but fall into one of the following categories:-
      • Students of the University who have not yet completed the requirements for the degree, diploma or certificate programme for which they are registered.
      • Registered UWI students from other UWI campuses.
  • Students of the University who have been granted (a) leave of absence for Semester I and/or 2 preceding the Summer School, or (b) permission to Write “Examinations Only”.  
  •   Other persons, not students of the University, who are eligible to matriculate at either the Normal or Lower level or as a Mature student

NOTE: Students will only be permitted to register for “EXAMINATIONS ONLY” if she/he has failed one or two of the final courses needed to complete degree/certificate/diploma requirements.  Such students are marked out of 100%.  Only those students who have been notified in writing by Student Affairs (Admissions) that they are allowed to do Exams Only can register in this category.  Application should be made, through the Dean of the Faculty, to the Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs (Admissions).



Applications for admission to a Summer School to pursue single course(s) by persons [not students of the University], must be made on the appropriate form available from the respective Faculty Summer Programme Office.



MINIMUM ATTENDANCE OF 75% of Lectures/Tutorials is required.



Persons pursuing single course(s) are required to check the website at   or consult faculty notice boards and timetables for a list of courses being offered in the Summer School before seeking to register.

For the summer programme, all registration will be conducted online using The University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus website.  Students will be required to register using any PC with internet access [at home, at an internet cafe or elsewhere] or at any on-campus computer lab.

The period of registration will be from May May 27, 2017 to June 17, 2017.



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Examinations for courses taught in the Summer School shall be conducted in accordance with the University Examinations Regulations.   

Students shall not normally be permitted to register for more than THREE one-semester courses [usually 9 credits] in any given Summer School.  Students are advised to check the timetable before registering. 

Finalizing students may apply the Faculty Dean to do a fourth course.

A student is deemed as finalizing if that student has only 3 or 4 courses left to complete the degree/certificate/diploma requirements.

Students who are not in their Final year of study may apply for permission to do a fourth course which he/she had failed at a previous sitting i.e. Semester I or Semester II, no later than June 13, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

Students may request permission to carry forward coursework marks for courses pursued in Semester I and/ or II to the Summer School session.

All requests must be submitted, through the Faculty Dean, to the Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs (Admissions).   

Permission must be granted in writing from the Office of Student Affairs (Admissions) before the student is allowed to register.

NOTE:  Registration for a course offered in the Summer School implies registration for the examination of that course.



Credits for courses successfully completed in the Summer School shall be granted to Registered Students of the University, including those on approved leave of absence.

Persons wishing to pursue a course(s) to be considered as Not for Credit (NFC) must seek approval prior to registering for the course.  All such requests must be made, in writing, or in the required form, to the Dean of the Faculty.  Students will not subsequently have such credit altered.

Summer School students who have not been offered a place at the University have no automatic right of acceptance into any Faculty of the University.

Persons who are accepted into the University may be granted credit/exemption for courses successfully completed in the Summer School provided that five (5) years have not elapsed since the completion of the relevant course(s).

Students without normal matriculation may not use the credits gained in the Summer School for both matriculation and degree purposes.



Students may withdraw from a course by notifying the Campus Registrar in writing, and copying the respective Faculty’s Summer School Coordinator.  The student should clearly state the reason for the withdrawal and complete the required application form for refund where applicable. 

Applications for withdrawal from a course must reach the Campus Registrar no later than two (2) weeks after teaching has begun.  Students who wish to withdraw from a course after June 17, 2017, must apply to Academic Board, through their respective Faculty Office.  Adjustment to registration will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances beyond June 17, 2017.



  • Part payment of fees is NOT allowed.  
  • Fees must be paid at any Branch of Republic Bank Ltd. using the bank deposit slip provided.  
  • Registration in the summer session will carry a non refundable registration fee of TT$100.00.
  • Courses not dropped by the deadline of June 17, 2017 will be counted and the student would be billed accordingly. 
  • Late registration fee/late payment penalty [TT$250] includes the non-refundable registration fee of TT$100 PLUS the late Registration fee/late payment penalty of TT$150.



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