Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for the Programme?

          Learn How to Apply here through the Postgraduate Admissions Website. Online application period is open usually from November – July of every Academic Year.

  1. What is the cost for the Programme?

        The Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations, Master of Science (MSc) in Global Studies and MPhil/PhD in International Relations all cost $TT5, 900.00 per

        Academic Year for Trinidad and Tobago Nationals.

        Please contact the Bursary for any other additional financial information.

        Financial information Booklet:

  1. Is there a payment plan?

         A Payment plan is offered to all students enrolled in the UWI’s programmes.

         Please see information from this link:

  1. Are the Postgraduate Programmes GATE Funded?

         Postgraduate Programmes are not GATE funded.  Please visit the Trinidad and Tobago GATE Website for further information

  1. Are there any scholarships available?

         UWI Postgraduate scholarships are available to Full time MPhil / PhD students only. Please see the postgraduate website for more information:

  1. What time are classes?

         Classes are typically scheduled between 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.

  1.  What is the duration of classes?

         The PG Diploma lectures are 2-3 hours long and the MSc Global Studies lectures are 4 hours long.

  1.  Are classes online?

         Due to ongoing restrictions imposed by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, classes are held virtually via zoom.  However, the IIR normally conducts blended courses

          where physical attendance is required.

  1.  Can I defer or take a leave of absence?

        Students can apply for a leave of absence (LOA) for a Semester and/or an academic year. All applications must be made online via the student portal by the third week of the

        Semester. For a request of leave of absence for the entire academic year, these must be made by the third week of Semester 1.

       LOA is not granted to persons in their first year. If persons apply to begin in September of an academic year and gain admissions into the programme, you defer to the

       following academic year.

  1.  Are there any internship opportunities?

     The Institute will notify registered students of Internship opportunities as they become available.

  1.  Are there any short courses available?

      Please see our affiliate organization, the Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean for their short course offering:

  1. What is a Specially Admitted student?

       Please visit the Postgraduate Admissions site for verification of edibility for special admittance:,your%20knowledge%20in%20a%20subject.

  1.  What kind of job would I get with a degree in International Relations?

        Among other areas, our International Relations graduates could aspire to positions as: 

  • Diplomat or Consular Affairs Officer
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • Humanitarian Relief Worker
  • International Relations Officer
  • International Trade
  • Consultant
  • Academia
  • Journalism
  • NGOS
  • Regional and International Institution


  1. Can I apply for direct entry as a PhD Student?

       Students can register as an MPhil student and request an upgrade to the PhD programme based on the recommendations of their supervisor. 

       For more information, please see:

  1. How long is the MPhil / PhD Programme?

        The MPhil programme can be completed within two years as a full time student or three years as a part time student. The PhD programme can be completed within

        three years as a full time student or within five years as a part time student.

  1. How many research seminars I need to complete?

        The MPhil candidate presents two (2) public seminars based on topic of research

        The PhD candidate presents three (3) public seminars based on topic of research

         An MPhil Student may request an upgrade to the PhD programme after one year as a full time student or two years as a part time student and must have completed

         one public seminar.

  1. How many courses do I need to take as an MPhil / PhD Student?

        All incoming MPhil / PhD students must take ETHI 6000 Research Ethics INRL 6000 (not for credit). Please see information here: .

       This is the only compulsory course to be taken.

       MPhil students have to complete six credits of courses based on your chosen topic and PhD students (nine credits). The courses assigned are decided by the supervisor in

       conversation with the IIR.

  1. What is the format for the research proposal?

       A suggested framework is listed on page 10 of our MPhil / PhD Guidelines see link:

Extract from page 10: The submission of a detailed research proposal of between 2000 and 4000 words, detailing and justifying clearly the academic problem to be addressed, the aims and objectives of the project, a clear hypothesis and/or set of research questions for investigation, a detailed discussion of both methodology and methods, and a timeframe for completion.



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