Research students register for the MPhil degree in the first instance, and, then, subject to the Faculty and University's regulations, may upgrade to the PhD degree. Students who already have a master's degree obtained through a substantial, research project, may register directly for the PhD. A research student works in his chosen field of research under the guidance of a supervisor, who has substantial expertise and experience in the field.


The Department offers the facilities to carry out research leading to the MPhil and PhD degrees in a wide range of important areas:
  • Mechanical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biosystems (Biosystems)
  • Production Engineering & Management

Get started

Persons interested in pursuing research leading to the MPhil or PhD degrees in Agricultural, Industrial, Mechanical or Production Engineering & Management are invited to contact the Head of Department to discuss their research interests, and for further information on research opportunities within the Department. The Department may be able to provide some financial support for specific, research projects.

Recent Projects

A sample of recent research theses and projects are listed as follows:

Neural Network Model for a Cement Kiln An Exergy Analysis of a Hydrocarbon Processing Unit Solids of Revolution: Pose from Symmetry
Heat Transfer Mechanism in Biological Fibrous Materials An Investigation into Wave Energy Potential of the Caribbean and Application of Symmetrical Heaving Body Recovery Systems Deep Drawing with a Novel Technique for Blank Holding
Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Local Building Materials Post-harvest Handling and Processing Systems for Peanuts, Nutmegs, etc Refrigerated and Controlled Atmosphere Storage for Breadfruit, Mangoes, Carambola, etc
Osmotic and Air-drying Behaviour of Fruit and Fish A Reliability-centred Maintenance Programme Induction Melting of Iron Carbide
Strategic Remodelling of the Quality Systems of the Laboratories at the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CEC)    
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