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Guidelines for Submission

The MMERC is committed to the delivery of a successfully completed project. A successful project requires the effective management of activity flows, as well as the availability of key resources and other inputs. Access to the latter in a timely manner is critical to these efforts. Often many of these elements are unintentionally excluded and/or may not have been considered in the earlier stages of the project's conception. Accordingly, this subsequently hampers its completion. The following is a list of key requirements to serve as a guide in the formulation of a suitable project.

  • Clearly defined project scope
  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Identified project champion
  • Access to critical data for the project's duration
  • Access to key facilities for the project's duration

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What kind of projects/project areas does the MMERC cover?

The MMERC currently undertakes projects that are of a mechanical and industrial engineering discipline in nature. The general areas that we offer expertise in include: Industrial Automation & AI applications, Material & Manufacturing technology and systems, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Renewable Energy, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biosystems and Agricultural Mechanisation.

Additionally however, the MMERC acts as a hub for collaborative projects within the general field of engineering and is able to facilitate the execution of projects beyond the mechanical and industrial engineering disciplines, via collaboration with other departments. Projects that do not fall within the direct field of mechanical/industrial engineering will be given special consideration. The MMERC will undertake these projects on the basis of the availability of its collaborative partners. Proposers of such projects will receive a response regarding the availability of partners and the ability of the MMERC to facilitate such projects at the current time.

How does the MMERC conduct its projects? What is the project model?

The MMERC utilizes the academic-student mentorship model for the execution of its projects. Projects accepted by the MMERC will be assigned to an academic member of staff of the department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The member of staff will have primary responsibility for the execution of the project. However, in its execution the academic will employ the services of one or more of his/her student assistants. All student assistants will conduct work on the project under the direct guidance and supervision of the academic member of staff. The final submission of project results, findings and reports will be issued by the academic.

What types of projects do you undertake? What do you mean by project class?

Currently the MMERC categorizes all successfully accepted projects under four classes:

  • Class A (short projects) refers to a short project that can be conducted in a 2 -3 month timeframe. These projects are generally executed by the MMERC between the May to August months and do not incur a cost.
  • Class B (year-long projects) refers to projects that can be done over a 6 - 9 month period. These projects will usually commence in September and do not incur a cost.
  • Class C (special projects) refers to projects that have a unique structure, timeframe and/or other characteristics and requirements. The terms of these projects will be determined upon consultation with MMERC personnel. The project fees will be determined via a project assessment and will be agreed upon by both parties during the project consultation process.
  • Class D (in-depth research projects) refers to research projects that will require timeframes of at least one year or more. The terms of these projects will be determined upon consultation with MMERC personnel. The project costs, fees and capital expenditure will be determined via a project assessment and will be agreed upon by both parties during the project consultation process.

Do we have to pay?

Payment for the successful delivery of completed projects will depend on the project class that the proposed project falls under.

What do we need to give/prepare?

All successfully accepted projects will be conducted as a collaborative effort between the MMERC and the applicant. Though the work will be conducted through the MMERC, the input and support of the applicant is critical to the successful completion of the project in a timely manner. In most instances, the support and input of the applicant will be primarily required in the form of access to pertinent data and information, access to relevant areas for measurements, analyses and data acquisition and the general support of the applicant. It is expected that the MMERC will liaise with the applicant primarily through its appointed project champion. In instances where access to sensitive data, material and/or processes may become necessary, interaction with such material will be guided by documented agreements between both parties.

How long will it take?

The expected timeframe for the successful completion of a project and the submission of a project report, will depend on the project classification.





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