About the Examinations Section

The Examinations Section is a Unit of the Registrar’s Office and has responsibility primarily for:

  • the administration of the University’s policies, rules and regulations pertaining to all examination matters
  • all the administrative work involved in preparing for examinations (including the physical arrangements)
  • conducting the examinations and publishing the results
  • the presentation of the graduates at the annual Graduation Ceremonies
  • issuing of transcripts
  • printing and issuing of degree certificates
  • control and issue of Academic Gowns
  • amending students’ academic history data
  • entry and amendment of Graduation data
  • entry & amendment of required to withdraw data
  • entry & amendment of course components
  • assigning primary instructor as First Examiner
  • monitoring upload of examination marks for completion
  • attending Boards of Examiners meetings
  • actioning examination matters (academic board minutes)
  • resolving timetabling queries

Office Hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday
8.30 am – 12.00 noon
1.00 pm – 4.30 pm


To provide outstanding, people-centred services which support the University’s teaching and research for
  • student academic administration
  • human resources
  • institutional records and
  • secretariat functions


In delivering all its services, the Registry will be guided by
  • honesty and integrity in process
  • promptness in response
  • commitment in satisfying customers
  • persistence in problem-solving
  • accuracy and objectivity in recording and transmitting information
  • efficiency in the use of resources
  • adaptability to changing circumstances
  • imagination, innovation and technological awareness in planning
  • empowerment of staff
  • sound judgment in everything