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Official Transcripts / Verification Letters; Certified Copies
Remarkings / Consultations
Final Year Pass List
Medical Certificates for absence from Final Examinations

Official Transcripts/ Verification Letters
Certified Copies of Certificates:

Q.        How long does the process take?

A.       Approximately 10 working days for transcripts.
Approximately 4 working days for verification letters
Approximately 1 working day for certified copies of certificate.

Q.        Can I get it sooner?

A.        Yes, in some cases subject to workload.  Special requests can also be entertained in cases of emergency.

Q.        How much does it cost?

A.        Transcripts US$6.00 or TT$30.00 per copy payable by cash, cheque, linx or credit card to the cashier at the SA Building or by international money order encashable in T & T (for non resident).  Verification letters are issued to finalizing students US$6.00 or TT$30.00 per copy payable by cash, cheque, linx or credit card to the cashier at the Student Administration Building.  Certified copies of certificates cost TT$10.00 per copy.  The original degree must be handed in and retained for processing.

Q.        Can I collect the transcript by hand instead of it being mailed out to the institution?

A.        Yes, by indicating so on the Transcript form.  You may collect at the CSR counter, Ground floor SA Building in a Tamper Proof envelope.  Verification letters and certified copies of certificates may also be collected at the CSR counter.

Q.        Can a family member request it for me in the future?  How can I make a request since I am out of the country?

A.        You are required to address the request to the Examinations Section through the CSR together with a letter of authorization, bearing your signature indicating the name of the person you are authorizing to request on your behalf.  This person is required to present a valid ID.

            Email requests are accepted only if the signature is attached.

Q.        Can someone collect it on my behalf?

A.        Yes, same as above.

Q.        Can I request an online transcript?

A.        Our online request will be available shortly, please keep checking our website at  You may however download the form online.

Q.        Do you accept visa/master card?

A.        Yes, for in person payment at the Cashier, Student Administration Building. 

Q.        Can I get a printout of my grades with out paying for a transcript?

A.        Yes, you may access your academic history via the Web.  The steps are available via this link



Q.        Can I get a replacement?

A.        Yes, by applying in writing (form available on Website at to the Senior Assistant Registrar/Examinations, Student Admin Building.  You should indicate whether you wish it to be mailed to you or whether you will collect it.  A replacement certificate takes approximately three (3) weeks to process.

Q.        What is the cost?

A.        US$175.00.  This fee cannot be waived.

Q.        The information on the degree certificate is incorrect, what do I do?

A.        Kindly return the Certificate to the CSR, SA Building together with a note outlining the inaccuracy.   

Please also indicate whether you will collect the certificate or whether it should be mailed to you.   If it is the latter, please provide an address.

Q.        Amendment needed on certificate, how soon may I collect it?

A.        Re-issuance takes approximately 3 – 4 weeks.

Q.        Can I change the name on my certificate? e.g. I have recently married/divorced.

A.        We regret that your certificate must bear the name during your studentship at the UWI.  If a request for change in name was made during your studentship and is not reflected on the record, this has to be investigated and the student will be called to submit the certificate.


Remarkings/ Consultations - Regulations 122 - 127 apply.

Q.        How long does the consultation and remarking processes take?

A.        The consultation process should take a maximum of three (3) weeks, while the remarking can be longer depending on the course and location of the independent examiner.  Deadlines for submission of requests can be viewed via the WEB available via

Q.        What does the process involve exactly?

A.        Please refer to Regulations 122 to 127.  This can also be viewed via

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The deadline dates for these processes will be clearly identified through the students’ individual final grade components.   

Q.        Can I request a consultation and remarking of the same course simultaneously?

A.        No, you may request the consultation first (this applies only to failed courses) and after this process is completed you may then proceed with the remarking within 48 hours.  Please refer to Examination Regulations 122 – 127 via web link 
We recommend a consultation for failed courses so that a candidate may sit with the examiner and go through his/her script.

Q.        How much does each cost?

A.        The remarking cost is TT$375.00 or US$62.50 per course.
The consultation is free of cost.

Q.        Who will be remarking the script/s?

A.        An independent examiner, someone who was not involved in the examination process of the course.  The name of the independent examiner, campus of residence is not revealed.

Q.        Can I request remarks for two different courses on the same form, or do I have to fill out separate forms?

A.        Yes, you may as there is provision for this on the form.  Please ensure that you provide accurate information as this may delay the process.



Q.        When are the dates and times?

A.        Annual ceremonies are held in the late October & early November at the three campuses.  Cave Hill, Mona and St Augustine graduands may present at any Campus subject to early notification.

            At St Augustine there are four ceremonies; detailed information will be provided on  approximately three (3) months before the scheduled ceremonies.

Q.        What should I wear?

A.        This is a formal ceremony as graduates are required to wear as follows

            Female – white only either dresses or suits with black shoes
Male  - use of formal wear/dark lounge suits.

Q.        How many guests may I bring?

A.        You will receive invitations for two guests only.

Q.        How long will the ceremony be?

A.        Usually 2 ½ to 3 hrs in duration.

Q.        Will I be served refreshments?

A.        No.

Q.        What is the deadline for responding to say if I wish to attend the ceremony?

A.        This information will be available in the notice you receive, but is approximately 1 ½ months prior to the Ceremony. 

Q.        Am I eligible for graduation?

A.        You are required to check with your Faculty.  If your name appears on a Final Year Pass List and your academic history updated to reflect the award, this indicates that you are eligible.

If there are any queries please check with your Faculty for advice.  It is standard that your respective faculty advise you at the start of level 3/ 3rd year of your eligibility.  You can also access the degree evaluation facility on the WEB at

Q.        Is there any document issued by the University in lieu of my graduation certificate?

A.        Yes, verification letters and temporary/mock certificates for FMS graduands.

Q.        Why can’t I receive my certificate before the ceremony?

A.        It is the policy of the University of the West Indies to issue the certificates at the graduation ceremonies and thereafter.  Because of late receipt of Pass Lists some persons may not receive certificates at the ceremony.  Every effort will be made to prepare these as soon as possible thereafter.


Final Year Pass Lists

Q.        When will a pass list with my name be published?

A.        You name should appear on the Pass list at the end of each examination session.  The deadline date appears on the Examination calendar.  If not, you should visit your faculty office for advice.

Q.        This current final year pass list is incorrect, how long before the amended one is published?

A.        Pass lists are issued by the Faculty and all inaccuracies should be referred to the Faculty for corrections and re-issuance

Q.        Can I add a major/minor which I did not declare?

A.        No, there is a period in which you are required to declare.  Please contact your Faculty for information and guidance.



Q.        When does invigilation begin and end?

A.        This is guided by the examination session and the scheduling of each examination.  A notice is issued by the examination Section approximately two (2) months prior to the session, in which persons are invited to apply.

Q.        How do you qualify to be an invigilator?

A.        You must be a Senior Lecturer and above to serve as a Chief Invigilator and a registered Post graduate student to serve as an Assistant Invigilator (Examination Regulations 85 - 87 refer).



Q.        When do exams begin next semester?

A.        This is contained in the Examination calendar available on the Web or by hard copy from the CSR.

Q.        Can I go to the examination without an I.D. card?

A.        It is advisable that you have your UWI ID card (Regulation 72) with you at all times in keeping with University Regulation. If you are not in possession of the UWI ID you may use your PP or D.P.  You are advised to obtain an UWI ID card before the examination session commences.   In cases where an UWI Card has not been produced at an examination, the candidate is required to complete an undertaking form (Examination Regulation 72 (iii) refers).  If the undertaking is not cleared with 48 hours you will not receive your electronic grade.  You may visit the Website for viewing of the Examination Regulations for detailed information on the conduct of examination at

Q.        Can you change the date of an exam, I have to travel?

A.        No, you may opt to write the examination at another centre or defer writing at the next available opportunity with penalty.

Q.        I misread the date of my examination, will I be granted leniency?

A.        No, candidates who are absent from an examination owing to mis-reading of their individualized examination schedule shall be liable to normal penalties for absence from examination and will have to await the next officially scheduled sitting to write the examination.  You will be required to re-register for the examination.  (Examination Regulation 66 (ii) refers).

Q.        Something is wrong with my online exam schedule? e.g. a course is missing or I did not sign up for a course and it appears on the schedule.

A.        Please contact your faculty for advice.  The Faculty will then forward the appropriate record to the Admissions Office for consideration.

Q.        When will I receive my examination schedule?

A.        This is usually published on line approximately one (1) month before the commencement of the examination session. 

Q.        I want to transfer my course work mark, how is this done?

A.        Please submit written request to Dean’s office of your faculty and check with the AR/SA for the appropriate response.

Q.        I applied for my course work mark to be transferred but it does not appear on SAS?
A.        Please refer to Dean’s office of your Faculty or the Admissions Office.

Q.        Can I sign up to do examinations only without tuition fees?

A.        You may request to write an examination only through your Faculty and the Admissions Office for approval.  You should note that regulations apply and may vary according to Faculty.  Fees are applicable and the Admissions Office will advise accordingly.

Q.        Can you print my examination schedule for me?

A.        No, there is a print facility on your screen for printing at your convenience. 

Q.        What are resit/repeat examinations?

A.        Resit/Repeat examinations are offered in some Faculties e.g Faculty of Medical Sciences for courses failed.  These are guided by University and Faculty Regulations.  It is advisable that students contact their respective Faculty for detailed information.

Q.        Can I write an examination overseas?

A.        Yes, you can write an UWI examination overseas.  This can be done at one of the UWI campuses or at a centre.  Students can also identify an external venue and seek permission from the institution for this service.  The UWI must be duly informed of this requirement and subsequent approval approximately 1 – 2 months in advance.   All applicable fees in relation to courier and invigilation services must be borne by the candidate.

Q.        How do you deal with clash students?

A.        When you have reviewed your schedule and observed that there appears a clash of examinations please bring to the attention of the Examination Section through the CSR at SA Building who will invite you to complete a ‘Clash Form’.  This should be done in good time to facilitate arrangements.

            This form will be submitted to the Examinations Section and a letter will be issued advising of the arrangements which can be collected at the CSR counter within one week.  In general clash students are given the option of writing one examination at the 9.00 am session, then kept under surveillance, permitted to have lunch and revise and then allowed to write the second examination in the afternoon/evening session.

Q.        I have three examinations in one day, could this be changed?

A.        University procedures/policy dictate that students should have no more than two examinations in one day, therefore three examinations in one day should be reported immediately to the Examinations Section, through the CSR where alternate arrangements would be made in the interest of the student.

Q.        Due to religious reasons I cannot write examinations at the Friday evening session, can you reschedule?

A.        We regret that we are unable to accede to such request, since this is a secular institution with a large student body following numerous religions.

Q.        My marks/grades are not available what do I do?

A.        Please contact your lecturer or Faculty office for missing grades, since grades/marks are entered directly by the Lecturer in the electronic grade book.

            If there are holds on the record, the student will not be able to view grades or academic transcript.

Q.        My course work marks are not included in the grade, I need help?

A.        Please contact your lecturer or Faculty office for missing grades, since grades/marks are entered directly by the Lecturer in the electronic grade book.


Submission of Medical Certificates for absence from Final Examinations.

Q.        I was ill and could not attend an examination, what should I do?

A.        A valid medical certificate should be submitted within 7 days of the relevant examination to the Examinations Section, through the CSR in accordance with University Examination Regulation 33 (ii) refers.  The form is available on the WEB which you can access at
You should note that the Health Centre is located on campus and that students are encouraged to seek attention there at no charge.  Please refer to Regulation 33 (ii) – (iii). 

Q.        I submitted a medical certificate, how will I know that it has been accepted?

A.        This will be reflected on your record, your grade will so indicate if accepted.  AM- Absent Medical   - If accepted
FWP – Fail with Penalty. – If not accepted.

Q.        What is the procedure to submit a Medical Certificate, if it is not from the UWI doctor?

A.        The Medical certificate duly stamped by the attending Physician or Medical Agency should be submitted through the CSR to the Examinations Section.  The Medical certificate will be forwarded by the Examinations Section to the Medical Officer for validation and the student advised to check the records for acceptance of certificate.

Q.        When is the deadline?

A.        Within seven (7) days of the date of the examination; Examination Regulation 33 (ii) refers.

Q.        I was unable to submit my medical in the deadline stipulated, but would like to submit it now? (this could be a week or months after).

A.        This is unacceptable and will not be considered.  You should note that you can have:
i)          someone submit the medical on your behalf.
ii)         email the examinations section at advising that you have a medical but due to incapacitation you are unable to submit at the time stipulated.

Medical certificates for absence from coursework/Midterm exercises should be submitted to the UWI Medical Officer, Health Services Unit within seven (7) days of the coursework/Midterm examination date.



Q.        I have a disability, how do I proceed with special arrangements for lectures and examinations?

A.        Please contact the Academic Support/Disabilities Liaison Unit (ASDLU) where you will be assessed.  After you have been assessed with respect to your disability, the Officer will advise your Dean and the Senior Assistant Registrar/Examinations of the special conditions required. 



Q.        Grade codes applied and its meanings?

A.        The grade codes and its applicable meaning can be seen here.

Q.        Can you calculate my Grade Point Average (GPA)?

A.        You are asked to visit the WEB for the GPA calculator.  Please also refer to the GPA regulations.

Q.        Faculty advising – Are you able to tell me if I am missing any courses for completion of degree?

A.        This is a Faculty specific matter and you are asked to refer queries to your respective faculty.