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History of Social Work Education in the Caribbean      

Social Work training in the Caribbean can be traced back to the University of The West Indies and its establishment of the Social Welfare Training Centre (SWTC) in 1962. The rich history in social work education in UWI, St. Augustine Campus, began with the first enrollment of students pursuing the certificate in 1990 and advanced to the BSc. in 1991.Since our founding, we have been proud to lead the charge in training students for the social work profession. The SWTC was given the responsibility of training para-professionals within the field of social work. Since then, the SWTC has contributed to the development of various programmes throughout the Caribbean.


The Social Work Unit will be the premier provider of professional Social Work Education, training and knowledge to promote human development and social change beneficial to the people of the Caribbean.


The mission of Social Work Unit is to improve the conditions of Caribbean people through the provision of teaching, research and outreach activities of exceptional quality

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