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Trinidad Leaf-nesting Frog (Phyllomedusa trinitatis) - Photo by Mike G. Rutherford

The accounts are organized by common name for accessibility, including multiple entries under alternative names where useful. Endemic species (E) are those that are only found in Trinidad and Tobago. Introduced or invasive species (I) are those with breeding populations in the wild that are not native to Trinidad and Tobago. Accidental or occasional visitors (A) are species that may naturally occur as individuals in Trinidad and Tobago or its offshore waters but do not form breeding populations or regular migrations. Dangerously venomous species (V) and those which may cause severe stings (S) to humans are also indicated.  


Amazon Frog

Beebe's Toad

Cane Toad or Crapaud

Brown Tree Frog Dwarf Marsupial Frog

Emerald-eyed Tree Frog

Giant Tree Frog Golden Tree Frog Grass Frog Johnstone's Rain Frog (I)

Leaf-nesting Frog

Lime Tree Frog Map Frog Narrow-mouth or Oval Frog Paradoxical Frog

Spotted Tree or Polka-dot Tree Frog

Tobago Glass Frog

Tobago Litter Frog (E)

Tobago Stream Frog (E) Trinidad Stream Frog (E)

Tungara Frog

Urich's Litter Frog (E) Warty Tree or Pepper Frog Whistling Frog Suriname Toad


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Last updated 5 July 2018

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