Q. Can I start my research before I submit or get approval from Campus Research Ethics Committee (CREC)?
A. No, the Committee will not consider applications which have already started before review and research should not start before receiving ethical approval.

Q. How do I make an application to the Campus Research Ethics Committee?
A. Click here for application instructions.

Q. When should my application be submitted for review?
A. Applications should be submitted at least three (3) months prior to the proposed starting date of your research.

Q. Who needs to complete the CITI Ethics Course?
A. All persons actively involved in the research should complete the course and submit completion certificates along with application forms, consent forms and data collection instruments.

Q. Are there any types of research that are exempt from ethical review?
A. Yes. But an official letter of Exemption must be granted from the Campus Research Ethics Committee prior to the start of data collection.  Please read pages 11 to 12 of the UWI “Policies & Procedures of Research Ethics” for further details on what types of research qualify for exemption.

Q. How do I apply for an Exemption of Review?
A. Complete an application form via the Research Ethics Module in UWIScholar. Click here for application instructions.

Q. Can I develop and use my own Consent Form for my research?
A.Yes, Please review the sample consent forms provided on the main website for guidance. 

Q. Can I request a waiver of written consent for participation in the research?
A.Yes, please complete the relevant sections in the application form

  1. justifying the request for waiver of written consent along with
  2. describing the process for verbal consent.

Q. Can I request a complete waiver of consent for participation in the research?
A.Yes, please complete the relevant section in the application form

  1. justifying the request of waiver consent along with
  2. describing the process to ensure confidentiality and anonymity of the data collected

Q. How often does Campus Ethics Committee meet to review applications?  
A. The Committee generally meets on the last Wednesday of each month.  No meetings are held in December.

Q. What happens to applications which miss the scheduled meetings or are submitted during the months when there are no meetings?
A. Late submissions are evaluated at the next scheduled meeting.  Depending on the urgency or at the Chairman’s discretion, applications are also appraised via “round robin” so as not to delay the review process. The Principal Investigator must send the requesting letter to the Chairman if urgent approval is required.

Q. How will I be informed of the Committee’s decision regarding my application?
A. Automatic emails are generated to notify you when your application is complete or requires your attention. You can also log onto your UWIScholar account at any time and check the 'status' of your application. Once approved, the approval letter will be made available within the application portal.

Q. If my application has been approved subject to amendment, how soon should I respond to the amendments?
A. You should respond within two (2) weeks of receiving your letter from the Committee.  Once all amendments have been satisfactorily addressed you will receive a final letter of approval.

Q. What should I do if the original approval has expired or the research duration is more than a year?
A. The Committee normally gives approval for a maximum of 364 days in the first instance. The Principal Investigator must make a formal request to the Chairman for renewal or extension via the UWIScholar system. This update was made November 2021.

Q. What should I do if I have made a change to the research protocols, questionnaires etc after I received my approval letter?
A. Please make an Application for Modification explaining the reason for the change via the UWIScholar system. This update was made November 2021

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