February 2020

The sun sets behind the towering samaan tree next to the Faculty of Agriculture’s Dudley Huggins Building at the UWI St Augustine Campus.

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Scholarships from Scotiabank
Canadian multinational strengthens relations


Coronavirus and the Caribbean
What are the risks for the region?

In Memoriam

Kamau Brathwaite
The passing of Barbadian poet and academic

Sports research

Carnival’s Grandest Party with a Purpose
Three decades, over 3,000 scholarships and bursaries

UWI Calendar of Events

February - March 2020

February 16 | UWI Open Campus
The Old Yard

Share Your Thoughts - 50th Anniversary of the Black Power Revolution Call for Papers

March 9-12 | UWI St Augustine
Understanding International Sanctions - Implications for the Caribbean

January 26 | UWI St Augustine
30 years of UWI Fete

Mar 14-17 | Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
Write Surgical Papers and Learn Surgical Skills

Mar 13-15 | UWI St Augustine
Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology Conference

Mar 16-17 | UWI St Augustine
Academic Advising and Mentoring in Higher Ed – A Caribbean Context

Mar 27-29 | UWI St Augustine
techAGRI Expo is coming