The Online Guide to the Animals of Trinidad and Tobago - OGATT

Trinidad and Tobago are continental islands with a largely South American fauna and flora, and higher biodiversity than other Caribbean islands in terms of the number of species present. This project aims to make information on some of the more notable animals freely available online, especially to school students who are now provided with laptops and internet access for their studies. It can be viewed as the successor to previous efforts to bring the biodiversity of these islands to a broader local audience (Cooper and Bacon, 1983; Kenny, 1995, 2000, 2008), for the electronic age.

These accounts are made freely available, primarily for educational use within Trinidad and Tobago. The accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed, and any use of these accounts is made at the risk of the reader, although they have been edited from the version submitted for marking, and have been verified as 97% different from any materials in the extensive Turnitin reference depository (which includes the World Wide Web). I thank Nancy Sheridan and Richard Thomas for pointing out errors in two accounts, whch have now been corrected, and a few other accounts have also been revised to include taxonomic or distribution updates. The sources of all images used are specified, and the copyright of all images remains with the original source. The accounts are organized by common name for easy accessibility, including multiple entries under alternative names where useful. Common names may be found in the taxonomic listing below.



Amphibians and Reptiles






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