We invite you to browse the profiles of academic members of staff at the Faculty of Social Sciences: 

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Last Name  First Name  Title  Position  Department 
Alghalith Moawia Prof.  Professor  Economics 
Arjoon Surendra  Prof.  Professor  Management Studies 
Arjoon Vaalmikki  Dr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Balwant Paul  Dr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Basdeo Maukesh  Dr.  Lecturer  Political Science 
Beharry Vyjanti  Ms. Jnr. Research Fellow  Centre for Health Economics 
Bhatnagar ChandraShekhar Dr.  Snr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Birchwood Anthony  Dr. Lecturer  Economics 
Boodram Cheryl Ann  Dr.  Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Brizan-St. Martin Roxanne  Mrs. Instructor Economics 
Cabralis Sherlan  Ms. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Chadee Derek  Prof.  Professor  Behavioural Sciences 
Conrad Daren  Dr.  Lecturer  Economics 
Davis-Cooper Gloria  Ms. Instructor Management Studies 
Deonanan Regan  Dr. Lecturer  Economics 
Descartes Christine  Dr.  Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Diaz Ann  Ms. Instructor Behavioural Sciences 
Dion Paul  Dr.  Visiting Lecturer  Management Studies 
Edwards-Westcott Patricia  Mrs. Jnr. Research Fellow  Centre for Health Economics 
Escalante Richard  Mr. Instructor Political Science 
Esnard Talia Dr.  Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Francis-Blackman Lue Anda  Mrs.  Instructor Political Science 
Fraser Simon  Mr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Frederick-Davis Felicia  Mrs. Instructor Behavioural Sciences 
George-Mitchell Marlene Ms. Instructor Political Science 
Gittens-Baynes Kimberly-Ann Mrs.  Jnr. Research Fellow  Centre for Health Economics 
Gomes Maria  Dr. Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Gomes Shelene  Dr. Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Henry Lester  Dr. Snr. Lecturer  Economics 
Hollingsworth Heather Dr. Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Hosein Roger Dr. Snr. Lecturer  Economics 
Huggins Camille  Dr. Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Janagan Johnson Emmanuel  Dr. Snr. Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Jordan-Miller Leslie-Ann  Dr.  Snr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Lafoucade Althea  Dr.  Snr. Lecturer  Economics 
Lalloo Ricardo  Mr. Instructor Economics 
Laptiste Christine  Dr. Research Fellow  Centre for Health Economics 
Lewis Diedron  Dr. Instructor Economics 
Lewis-Cameron Acolla  Dr.  Dean Management Studies 
Maharaj Phillip  Mr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Maharaj Malini  Ms. Assistant Lecturer Economics 
Marajh Priya  Ms. Instructor Political Science 
McDonald Lisa  Ms. Instructor Dean's Office 
McLean Roger  Mr. Research Fellow  Centre for Health Economics 
Metivier Charmaine  Ms.  Jnr. Research Fellow  Centre for Health Economics 
Mohammed Anne-Marie  Dr. Snr.Lecturer  Economics 
Mohammed Koshina  Mrs. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Murray Marlene Mrs. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Mustapha Nasser  Dr. Snr. Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Nathai-Balkissoon Marcia  Mrs. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Nathaniel-De Caires Karene  Dr. Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Noel Dorian  Dr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Pacheco Barney Dr.  Lecturer  Management Studies 
Phillip Jannel Dr.  Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Pulwarty Harold  Mr. Instructor Behavioural Sciences 
Ragoonath Bishnu  Dr.  Snr. Lecturer  Political Science 
Rambocas Meena Dr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Ramkissoon-Babwah Natasha  Dr.  Lecturer  Management Studies 
Ramlakhan Prakash  Mr.  Lecturer  Management Studies 
Ramlogan Rajendra  Prof.  Professor  Management Studies 
Rampersad Indira  Dr.  Lecturer  Political Science 
Roach Charlene Dr. Lecturer  Political Science 
Sahadeo Christine  Mrs. Snr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Scott Ewan  Dr. Lecturer  Economics 
Seepersad Randy  Dr.  Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Singh Riann  Dr.  Lecturer  Management Studies 
Stephenson Jacqueline  Dr.  Lecturer  Management Studies 
Tudoriou, Theodor  Dr.  Snr. Lecturer  Political Science 
Wallace Wendell  Dr.  Lecturer  Behavioural Sciences 
Wilson Shellyanne Dr. Lecturer  Management Studies 
Yearwood Rosanna  Dr. Instructor Behavioural Sciences 
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