Welcome to the official website of The UWI Cocoa Research Centre.  Since 1930, the Cocoa Research Centre has been contributing to the global cocoa industry, making the centre the oldest cocoa research institution in the world.

Our Story

As a global leader in the conservation and characterisation of cocoa germplasm, CRC collaborates with international researchers in pathology, molecular diagnostics and morphological characterisation. Other areas include, factors influencing chemical and sensory quality attributes, optimisation of micro-fermentations, development of cocoa quality standards, DNA fingerprinting and genetic diversity, cadmium mitigation, and improving the efficiency of propagation. CRC also supports business entrepreneurs through training programmes, such as the ever popular chocolate making course. Additionally, we proudly produce a 70% dark chocolate bar for sale, made exclusively from our cocoa collection of over 2000 varieties. The CRC is proud to be custodian of the largest public collection of cocoa types in the world.

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