World Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2018


Date: September 28-29th

Venue: SPEC, UWI

General Admission: $10, $5 for UWI students

Students from unregistered schools will be required to pay the general admission cost. Registered schools will enter the venue free. Registration cost: $100 per school - if schools are not registered, the admission fee for students in uniform will be $5 and for teachers $10.

Thanks to EXIMBANK, Ltd for their contribution to the 2018 WCCD expo and to exporTT for their pledge of support also!

Exhibitors register now! Sponsors find out how you can contribute here to help support this annual event in support of cocoa.


World Cocoa and Chocolate Day will be celebrated with a two day ‘open-to-public’ expo (WCCD7expo) involving cocoa stakeholders and well wishers. Hosted by Cocoa Research Centre this seventh annual celebration of cocoa and chocolate seeks to excite the minds of the population as to the opportunities that are as yet untapped in the local marketplace for cocoa and chocolate and showcase the vast potential the industry holds for local and regional economic diversification. Schools, register here to attend for free entry (students and teachers) with a flat rate of $100 per school. (Alternate link to register)


  Celebrate World Cocoa and Chocolate Day with CRC and other cocoa stakeholders at The UWI SPEC, St. Augustine on September 28-29, 2018  


‘World Cocoa and Chocolate Day’ is on 1 October, and in 2018 will be celebrated by CRC and other cocoa stakeholders on September 28-29th at The UWI SPEC. CRC invites cocoa stakeholders wishing to exhibit at this event to confirm their participation and request exhibition space by filling out the online Exhibitor Registration form.


This event is open to members of the public and will feature:

  • Workshop sessions on cocoa farming, cocoa disease management, and improving flavour and quality of the cocoa beans/chocolate you produce.
  • A chocolate food fest featuring the best of the chocolate-based cuisines and confectioneries; and our ever-popular exhibit,
  • A chocolate fountain with the opportunity to sample chocolate-covered food items for a nominal fee.
  • A competition fostering innovations in incorporating cocoa/chocolate into food: "Innovations in Chocolate Cuisine: A Food and Beverage Challenge".
  • Cacao Dreams: Chocolate Haven. An exhibition highlighting the cocoa story, the challenges and threats, the creative efforts of local entrepreneurs and researchers, what the future should look like and information on best practices and technologies on offer.
  • Sign-ups for tours to the world's largest Universal Collection of cocoa, opportunities to sign up to learn chocolate making or to learn to become a chocolate flavour ‘connoisseur’; children's games and lots of other fun activities.
  • Opportunities to win beautiful hand-crafted artwork by local artists and other prizes for the various games.
  • Cocoa and Chocolate Inspiration From Abroad - a brand new exhibit of innovative products from abroad made with cocoa/chocolate (pending confirmation)

CRC invites members of the public to celebrate this momentous occasion with us. If you are a teacher/other adult interested in bring a school/other group, please register at this link to help us properly schedule group attendees for safety. If link does not load properly, please use this link to register instead. All schools must be registered to take advantage of the free admission for students and accompanying teachers at a cost of $100 per school.

World Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2018 Expo’ will be launched with an opening ceremony at 6:00pm (attendance is by invitation only) on Thursday 27th September, followed by the public exhibition which will begin with a Cocoa Dance at 9:30am on Friday 28th September - Day 1. The expo will last until 6:00pm on Day 1 and will begin at 9:30am and end 5:00pm on Day 2.

2018 Event Sponsors

  1. EXIMBANK, Ltd (IICC prizes)
  2. exporTT (IICC prizes pledged)
  3. ComelehweGO (IICC and 4H cuisine prizes pledged)
  4. Atlantic LNG (IICC prizes pledged)
  5. CDCTTL (Marketing)


    2018 Prize Sponsors

  1. Montano's Chocolate Company Ltd (Hamper)
  2. Ortinola Estates Ltd. (Cash prize)
  3. Cryscelin CreationZ (Cocoa/chocolate product plus cash prize)
  4. Raees Soodhoo (Cake)
  5. The Dessert Lab (Cash prize)
  6. RODCO Home Essentials (IICC judge tokens)
  7. Suite Scents (Hamper/Gift bag)
  8. Twigs Naturals (Hamper/Gift bag)
  9. Jenson Enterprise (Cocoa/chocolate product)
  10. San Salvador (Chocolates)
  11. Kuttage Accessories (IICC judge tokens)
  12. Bar La Krèm (Chocolate)
  13. La Sher Catering and Mini Mart (Cash prize)
  14. Trinibon Chocolat (Cocoa/chocolate hamper)
  15. ARCTT (Chocolate product)
  16. JB Chocolate (Hamper)
  17. Zoe Eden
  18. Philippa's Garden (Two hampers & IICC token)
  19. Jillians. Designs
  20. Tamana Mountain Chocolate (Chocolate products)
  21. Sparkling Gold Chocolates
  22. Dessert Den
  23. EcoTruffles (cocoa/chocolate product; IICC6 judges tokens)
  24. The Exquizite Islander
  25. D's Tasty Fingers
  26. Symbols Jewellery
  27. Global Villages
  28. Rio Claro Cocoa and Coffee Ag & Mkting Coop
  29. Andy Beharry (cash prize)
  30. Fashionista Jewelry
  31. Cocoa Pod Chocolate
  32. R&K Agricultural Supplies

2018 Exhibitors

    Chocolate/Chocolate products/Chocolate and...

  • Ortinola Estates Ltd.
  • Ciao Cafe
  • San Salvador
  • The Dessert Lab (Saturday only)
  • Cocobel Chocolate (Friday only)
  • Twigs Naturals
  • Andy Beharry
  • Bar La Krèm
  • La Sher Catering and Mini Mart
  • Montserrat Cocoa Farmers Co-op
  • TRINIBON Chocolat and Matt Tempered Chocolates (Saturday only)
  • JB Chocolates (Friday only)
  • Philippa's Garden and Omarbean
  • Tamana Mountain Chocolate
  • Dessert Den (Saturday only)
  • Svadisa Creations
  • Kerry's Kupcakery
  • Cafe Mariposa (Friday only)
  • T&T Fine Cocoa Company
  • Cocoa Legacy
  • William's Tropical Wines (Saturday only)
  • Jenson Enterprise & others (CDCTTL sponsored booth)
  • ARCTT (Destination Chocolate booth)
  • Global Villages (Destination Chocolate booth)
  • Jagz Cacao


  • RODCO Home Essentials
  • Suite Scents
  • Zoe' Eden
  • Coco Dreams Estate
  • EcoTruffles
  • Organic with a Purpose

Craft with cocoa themes

  • Cryscelin CreationZ
  • Kuttage Accessories
  • The Exquizite Islander
  • Jillians. Designs
  • Lee Lutchman Design Studio and Lorenza Robinson
  • Andy Beharry
  • Symbols Jewellery
  • CVSankars & The Ladybird Picnic
  • Wire N Bead Artistry (Saturday only)


  • ExporTT
  • *MALF's Research Division: Cocoa Research Section
  • Intellectual Property Office of T&T
  • FT Farfan (indoor and outdoor booth)
  • The UWI Office of Institutional Advancement and Internationalisation (TBA)

Food Booths

  • Specialty juices (no added sugar) (TBA)
  • KDR eventology
  • D's Tasty Fingers
  • Lashing Good


Scan this QR code to visit and RSVP the WCCD 2018 event page on Facebook



World Cocoa and Chocolate Day, originally the brain child of the International Cocoa Organisation and the Académie Française du Chocolat et de la Confiserie, is commemorated on the 1st of October to bring greater awareness in consumers and the public of the living conditions of cocoa growers’ worldwide in an effort to build a sustainable cocoa economy. The celebration of this day by the Cocoa Research Centre of The UWI with all the cocoa stakeholders has taken on a new meaning as we build the cocoa industry into a sustainable industry capable of diversifying the economy of Trinidad and Tobago and strengthening the cocoa value chain. WCCD7expo will showcase the combined efforts of the private sector including farmers, farmer groups, processors, chocolatiers, manufacturers of soap and cosmetics, agrotourism operators, governmental organisations including the Cocoa Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago, The Ministries and/or state boards responsible for agriculture, tourism and their organs, InvestTT, the non-governmental sector as well as Universities, Cocoa Research Centre of The University of the West Indies as well as University of Trinidad and Tobago.

WCCD7expo will not only create public awareness, support and pride as we build a new cocoa economy based on value addition, branding, niche marketing, but also seek to attract investment and expansion of the industry. We expect the yearly celebration to also bring greater coherence among all stakeholders in their efforts and usher in greater energy, enthusiasm and efficiency as we modernise this once great industry.

*Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

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