"I have an idea for a student project and would like to get advice from CRC staff, how do I go about doing this?"

CRC has a long history of student assistance via consultations or supervision and our staff will be happy assist once our schedule permits. Please call 662-8788 to schedule an appointment to ensure the best and most efficient use of our time. Also walk with as much information you have gathered re your proposed project when you attend your appointment and please check the research areas of our website for relevant information and also do background research in cocoa so that you will be able to understand some of the basic terminology used like "ICS" which means Imperial College Selection.


Cocoa and Chocolate Questions

"Will you ship your chocolate bar to persons outside of Trinidad and Tobago?"

While shipping chocolate bars is not something we do on a regular basis, it is something that can be facilitated for persons who are out of options otherwise for getting a taste of our special premium dark chocolate. The options available for shipping will be Fedex or the EMS service offered by our local postal authority. The latter is not recommended since the shipping time can be as much as five weeks. Fedex shipments can arrive within days but will cost more than the bar itself. It is a choice we leave up to persons wishing to have the bars shipped to them. A Fedex account would be helpful for shipping via Fedex, however payment for the bars will still need to be sent to us, in the form of an International Money Order or Bank Manager's draft. Once payment is received for the cost of the bar/s and shipping, the bar/s can be shipped to you. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept payment via Paypal or credit cards, however this is something we are hoping to implement in the future. Thank you for your interest.


"Do you offer support to startups focused on cocoa value addition?"

Yes, we do offer support in whatever way we can. Please send us some details of the kind of support you require and we will do our best to accommodate you.


"Where can I get cocoa butter?"

Because our main focus is research, staff at the Cocoa Research Centre are not currently involved in producing cocoa butter. To purchase cocoa butter, please contact the following:

Rancho Quemado Estates Ltd (Mr. Daniel Brash) dbrashlol@yahoo.com 1-868-389-8385

Carlos Products Ltd. (Mr. Surrendra Persad) supercocoa@hotmail.com 1-868-620-1439


"Where can I purchase nibs, cocoa liquor, couverture?"

A limited amount of these (all local) are currently available from Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company Limited (TTFCCL) on a first come, first served basis. Please send online queries to info@ttchocolate.com or reach out to them via their Facebook page.


"Do you offer chocolate-making courses?"

Yes we do. Please visit our training page, then send us an email to find out more about the schedule and wait time, if there is a wait time. Local residents are welcome to request to be on standby for the next available date. The training page will have the schedule of dates for training.


"Where can I purchase good quality cocoa beans in Trinidad and Tobago?"

Please contact:

The Cocoa Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago


Paul Manickchand and Associates
Phone: (868) 668 2510
Email: chris@trinidadcocoa.com


"Where can I purchase cocoa powder made from local beans in Trinidad and Tobago?"

Some grocery stores may have the following local brands of cocoa powders for sale

  • JB Chocolate (TBA)
  • Rancho Quemado (Hearty Foods, Arima)
  • Persad's Cocoa (TBA)

In addition, Cocobel sells cocoa powder out of their Chocolate factory on Fitt Street.


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