World Cocoa and Chocolate Day will be celebrated in 2023 with a two day ‘open-to-public’ expo involving cocoa stakeholders and well wishers on
October 27 & 28 at
Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Cooperation

The 2023 expo is hosted by Cocoa Research Centre in partnership with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Cooperation, our event sponsors, and all cocoa stakeholders. This annual celebration of cocoa and chocolate continues to excite the minds of the population as to the opportunities that are as yet untapped in the local marketplace for cocoa and chocolate and showcase the vast potential the industry holds for local and regional economic diversification.


New for 2023!

New chocolate/cocoa product exhibitors

Short training workshops courtesy FAO OCOP


Cocoa art and craft is back!

Microlot producers


  • Innovations in Chocolate Cuisine will be back for the 8th time - and CRC continues to be grateful to our sponsors who help support and nurture innovations in the cocoa industry.
  • Business to business meetings was an exciting feature for WCCD 2019, however this year we invite all stakeholders to use the expo as a networking event - because it is already that without any formal meetings. Need assistance with pitches? Come visit CRC booth at the expo for some tips.
  • We have some novel cocoa and chocolate product exhibitors this year from the cocoa-infused coconut water to the chocolate creations you might not yet have experienced from newcomer GEM Patisserie.


and all your favourites!




Mini workshops


Activities for young and old!

Cocoa exhibitors







Details of this year's expo are also available on the Trello page : All About WCCD and will be shared on the Facebook event page for WCCD9.



World Cocoa and Chocolate Day, originally the brain child of the International Cocoa Organisation and the Académie Française du Chocolat et de la Confiserie, is commemorated on the 1st of October to bring greater awareness in consumers and the public of the living conditions of cocoa growers’ worldwide in an effort to build a sustainable cocoa economy. The celebration of this day by the Cocoa Research Centre of The UWI with all the cocoa stakeholders has taken on a new meaning as we build the cocoa industry into a sustainable industry capable of diversifying the economy of Trinidad and Tobago and strengthening the cocoa value chain. 

WCCD expo showcases the combined efforts of the private sector including farmers, farmer groups, processors, chocolatiers, manufacturers of soap and cosmetics, agrotourism operators, governmental organisations including the Cocoa Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministries and/or state boards responsible for agriculture, tourism and their organs, InvestTT, the non-governmental sector as well as Universities, Cocoa Research Centre of The University of the West Indies as well as University of Trinidad and Tobago.

WCCD expos will not only continue to build and expand public awareness, support and pride as we build a new cocoa economy based on value addition, branding, niche marketing, but also seek to attract investment and expansion of the industry. We expect the yearly celebration to also bring greater coherence among all stakeholders in their efforts and usher in greater energy, enthusiasm and efficiency as we modernise this once great industry.

*Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries

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