Masters and Doctoral Programmes in Mechanical, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering


This research degree programme leads to the award of a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering or Industrial Engineering.

At the undergraduate level in mechanical and mechanical engineering, students receive a sound training in the foundation areas of engineering mechanics and design, thermal engineering and energy systems, and manufacturing design, processes and systems. Students acquire the ability to deal with interrelated activities and operations involving product design, materials selection, production planning, quality assurance and management, and development of methods for integrating facilities and systems by which products may be manufactured economically.

At the undergraduate level in industrial engineering, students receive a sound training in the foundation areas of information systems and technology, manufacturing systems and technology, human factors engineering, and management science operations research. The current emphasis of industrial engineering is on the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, material, equipment, information and energy. Graduates are employed in the service and manufacturing industries to harness and manage resources for sustainable development in the Caribbean.

The Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the MPhil/PhD programmes in Mechanical/ Manufacturing/ Industrial Engineering by research are:

  1. To provide training at the postgraduate level in specialised mechanical/ manufacturing/ industrial engineering subject areas through teaching and to solve engineering problems through research.
  2. To assist in the transfer of new, emerging and advanced technologies to the businesses of the region through the mechanism of research projects.
  3. To develop and augment the region's pool of expertise in mechanical/ manufacturing/ industrial engineering.
  4. To assist in the development of the region through an outreach programme.

Entry Requirements

  • BSc Honours degree in Industrial, Mechanical, Manufacturing or Electrical Engineering or equivalent. Only in exceptional circumstances will candidates with pass degrees be considered.
  • Normally, at least one (1) year of industrial experience is desirable.

Degree Structure for MPhil and PhD

The degree structure comprises the following:

Research Thesis

These being research degrees, students will be expected to produce a satisfactory thesis (MPhil or PhD) as stipulated in the University's regulations.

Duration Of Study

Departmental Courses

Depending upon their academic background, students will be required to take three (MPhil) or four (PhD) departmental courses. These courses will be used to direct the student's approach towards the research topic, in particular, strengthening their knowledge base in their area of interest and to research methodology in general.

MENG 6508 Research Methods
IENG 6000 Total Quality Management
IENG 6001 Expert Systems (COMP 2800 or IENG 3004)*
IENG 6002 Distributed Information Systems & Databases (IENG 3013)*
IENG 6003 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
IENG 6004 Occupational Biomechanics
IENG 6005 Industrial Ergonomics
IENG 6006 Occupational Safety & Health
IENG 6007 Industrial Automation
IENG 6009 Robotic Technology & Automation
IENG 6010 Operations Research in Manufacturing I (IENG 3007)*
IENG 6011 Operations Research in Manufacturing II (IENG 3007)*
IENG 6012 Operations Research in Services (IENG 3007)*
IENG 6013 Directed Readings
MATH 3530 Mathematics III (MATH 2240)*
MENG 6506 Project Management
MENG 6200 Production Technology (MENG 2008)*
MENG 6201 Machine Tool Technology
MENG 6202 Applied Materials Technology
MENG 6203 Robotic Technology & Applications
MENG 6300 Applied Ergonomics
MENG 6301 Computer Applications in Manufacturing
MENG 6302 Design of Plant& Services
MENG 6303 Computer Control Systems
MENG 6400 Production Planning& Control
MENG 6401 Advanced Production Management
MENG 6402 Human Resource Management I
MENG 6403 Human Resource Management II
MENG 6404 Maintenance Engineering& Management
MENG 6405 Total Quality Management
MENG 6500 Industrial Marketing
MENG 6501 Statistical Methods in Engineering
MENG 6502 Financial Management
MENG 6503 Applied Operations Research
MENG 6504 Technology & Product Development
MENG 6505 Health, Safety & The Environment
MENG 6506 Project Management for Mechanical Engineers
MENG 6508 Research Methods
MENG 6600 Final Project

This is compulsory and must be completed within three (3) (MPhil) or four (4) (PhD) semesters of enrollment.

The above courses build upon the foundations laid at the undergraduate level.

  • An MPhil or PhD thesis
  • Departmental courses (three for MPhil; four for PhD)
  • A research seminar
    • Full-time students will normally be expected to complete the course examination requirements within two (2) semesters for the MPhil and three (3) semesters for the PhD, and complete the programme in accordance with the relevant University regulations.
    • Part-time students will normally be expected to complete the examination requirements within four (4) semesters for the MPhil and six (6) semesters for the PhD, and complete the MPhil programme in accordance with the relevant University regulations.


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