Online Application for Review/Remarking of Results

Extracted from The UWI ASSESSMENT REGULATIONS for First Degrees, Associate Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas and Certificates with effect from 2018/2019.


142.A student who is dissatisfied with the results of his/her examination may apply for a review of his/her results in writing to the Campus Registrar.

Such an application must be to the Campus Registrar on the prescribed form within two weeks of publication of results, and in the case of the Supplemental, Summer Session or re-sit examinations within five days of the publication of results. The options available in requesting a review are as follows:

(a) Only students who have failed an examination may apply for a Consultation with the Examiner of his/her script or

(b) Any student may apply for a re-mark of his/her examination. A non-refundable administrative fee of BDS$130.00 or its equivalent is payable to the Bursary for the re-mark to be processed.

143.(a) During the consultation the Examiner may disclose the marks/grades;

(b) The process of consultation should include failed answers in multiple-choice examinations; and

(c) The mark received during the examination shall not be altered as a result of a consultation except where an administrative or computational error has been identified.


144. A student, who has had a consultation, may request to have his/ her script re-marked by an Independent Examiner within two days of the concluded consultation.

The non-refundable administrative fee of BDS$130.00 or its equivalent is payable to the Bursary for the re-mark to be processed.

For Postgraduate Students, the opening and closing dates for review/remarks are as follows:

  1. Online reviews will be opened from September 14th 0.01am– September 18th, 2020.