Deputy Deans, Associate Deans & Administrative Staff



staffphoto_Terence_Seemungal.jpgProfessor Terence Seemungal
Faculty of Medical Sciences
645-3232 Ext. 5025 / 645-2544

staffphoto_Allana_Howard.jpg Ms. Allana Howard
Ag. Senior Secretary to the Dean
645-3232 Ext. 5025

staffphoto_Ambikah_Bhim.jpgMs. Ambikah Bhim
Clerical Assistant
645-3232 Ext. 5025





staffphoto_Chidum Ezenwaka_0.jpgProfessor Chidum Ezenwaka
Deputy Dean, Basic Health Sciences
645-3232 Ext. 5020/5102

staffphoto_Rhianna_Ramoutarsingh.jpgMs. Rhianna Jaime Ramoutarsingh
Administrative Assistant
645-3232 Ext. 5020

staffphoto_Sandra_Reid.jpgDr. Sandra Reid
Deputy Dean, Clinical Sciences
645-3232 Ext. 5020/5019

staffphoto_Beverly_Charles.jpgMs. Beverly Charles
Clerical Assitant
645-3232 Ext. 5102


avatar-male_0.pngProfessor Dilip Dan
Deputy Dean, Graduate Studies & Research
645-3232 Ext. 5021/5100

staffphoto_Joanna_Mc_Carter.jpgMs. Joanna Mc Carter
Graduate Studies & Research
645-3232 Ext. 5021


staffphoto_Liesel_Norville.jpgMs. Liesel Norville
Clerical Assitant
645-3232 Ext. 5010


staffphoto_Michael_Ramdass.jpgProfessor Michael Ramdass
Deputy Dean, Continuing Professional Development & Outreach
645-3232 Ext. 5021

staffphoto_Joanna_Mc_Carter.jpgMs. Joanna Mc Carter
Continuing Professional Development & Outreach
645-3232 Ext. 5021


staffphoto_Bidyadhar_Sa.jpgDr. Bidyadhar Sa
Deputy Dean, Quality Assurance & Accreditation
Head, Continuing Medical Sciences Education (CMSE)
645-3232 Ext. 5230/5210

staffphoto_Lindy_Plaza.jpg Lindy Plaza
645-3232 – Ext 5210





staffphoto_Sandeep_Maharaj.jpgDr Sandeep Maharaj
Associate Dean, Distance Education, Projects, and Planning (DEPP)
Head, Entrepreneurship and Business Transformation Office Coordinator, Pre-Health Professions Programme (PHPP)

staffphoto_Louise_Bovell.jpgMs. Louise Bovell
Senior Secretary
Entrepreneurship and Business Transformation Office
645-3232 Ext. 4753


avatar-male_0.pngDr. Farid Youssef
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Student Affairs

Grey placeholder.JPG


staffphoto_Marsha_Ivey_0.jpgMs. Marsha Ivey
Associate Dean, Public Relations
645 2018, 645 3232 Ext. 2886

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Dr Khan.jpgDr. Raveed Khan
Associate Dean, Occupational, Safety and Health
645 3232

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Prof. Terence Seemungal




Dr. Karelma Frontera Acevedo

Lecturer, Veterinary Anatomic Pathology

Prof. Patrick Akpaka

Professor, Microbiology

Dr. Carla-Maria Alexander

Lecturer, Immunology

Dr. Ronan Ali

Lecturer/ Coordinator, Adult Medicine Unit

Dr. Marc Alkhal

Lecturer, Clinical Veterinary Sciences

Prof. Trevor Alleyne 

Professor/ Coordinator, Biochemistry Unit

Mrs. Ayaana Alleyne-Cumberbatch

Librarian I, Reference & Loans Unit



Dr. Nelleen Baboolal

Head, Clinical Medical Sciences/ Snr. Lecturer, Psychiatry

Dr. Ramaa Balkaran

Lecturer, General Dentistry

Prof. Bharat Bassaw

DD, CPD & Outreach/Prof./Coordinator, Obs. & Gynae. Unit

Dr. Lisa Benjamin

Lecturer, School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Reynold Benjamin

Lecturer, Adult Medicine Unit

Dr. Alana Bissoon

Lecturer, Radiology

Dr. Curt Bodkyn

Lecturer, Child Health/Coordinator, Child Health Unit 

Dr. Jan Bӧhringer

Senior Lecturer, BSc Optometry programme

Dr. Brian Brady 

Senior Lecturer, Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

Dr. Siobhan Bridgelalsingh

Assistant Lecturer,School of Veterinary Medicine 

Dr. Gabriel Brown

Lecturer, Avian Medicine



Dr. Ileana Nordet Carrera

Lecturer, Haematology 

Prof. Christine Carrington

Head, Pre-Clinical Sciences/ Prof, Molecular Genetics & Virology

Prof. Shamir Cawich

Professor, Surgery 

Dr. Kenneth Charles

DD, Graduate Studies and Research/ Snr.Lect., Haematology

Mrs. Alisha Charles-Thomas

Clinical Instructor, UWISoN

Dr. Roxanne Charles

Lecturer, Veterinary Parasitology 

Dr. Raviteja Chitturisuryaprakash

Lecturer, School of Dentistry

Prof. Yuri Clement

Prof, Pharmacology/ Coordinator, Pharmacology Unit

Dr. Larry Coldero

Lecturer, Restorative Dentistry



Dr. Rajiv Dahiya

Director, School of Pharmacy

Dr. Hakki Dalcik 

Senior Lecturer, Human Anatomy

Prof. Dilip Dan

Deputy Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

Dr. Esther Daniel

Senior Lecturer, UWISoN

Dr. E. Monica Davis

Lecturer, Physiology

Dr. Gershwin Davis

Head, Para-Clinical Sciences/ Snr. Lecturer, Chem Pathology

Dr. Sameer Dhingra

Lecturer, School of Pharmacy 

Dr. Michael Diptee

Lecturer, Large Animal Surgery

Mrs. M. Drayton-Andrews

Librarian III, Acquisitions & Serials Unit

Dr. Marc Driscoll

Instructor, School of Veterinary Medicine

Mrs. Niala Dwarika-Bhagat

Librarian II, Reference & Loans Unit



Dr. Robert Jeffrey Edwards

Coordinator MPH Programme

Dr. Rian Extavour

Lecturer, School of Pharmacy/ Associate Dean, Public Relations 

Prof. Chidum Ezenwaka

DD, Basic Health Sciences/ Professor, Chemical Pathology



Mr. Niall Farnon

Head, BSc Optometry Programme

Dr. Maritza Fernandes 

Lecturer, Child Health Unit

Dr. Jerome Foster

Lecturer, Biochemistry

Dr. Arozarena Fundora

Lecturer, Clinical Surgical Sciences



Prof. Andanappa Gadad

Professor, School of Pharmacy 

Dr. Karla Georges

Director, School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Lester Goetz

Senior Lecturer, Urology 

Dr. Stanley Giddings

Lecturer, Adult Medicine Unit 

Mrs. Cheryl Gomez

Administrative Assistant, School of Dentistry

Dr. Maria Gosein

Lecturer, Clinical Medical Sciences 

Dr. Madan Mohan Gupta

Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy 



Dr. Dave Harnaran

Lecturer, Surgery/ Coordinator, Skills Lab

Dr. Patrick Harnarayan

Senior Lecturer, General Surgery

Dr. Trudee Hoyte

Lecturer, School of Denistry 

Prof. Gerard Hutchinson

Coordinator, Psychiatry Unit 

Dr Ian Hypolite

Lecturer, Clinical Medical Sciences



Dr. Diane Ignacio

Lecturer, School of Pharmacy 

Dr. Marsha Ivey

Lecturer, Public Health and Primary Care



Dr. Anura Jayasooriya

Lecturer, Veterinary Physiology

Dr. Melford John

Snr. Lecturer, Biochemistry Unit

Dr. Janelle Johnson

Assistant Lecturer, School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Solaiman Juman

Lecturer, ENT Surgery



Dr. Katija Khan 

Lecturer, Clinical Medical Sciences

Dr. Shane Khan 

Lecturer, Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

Dr. Steve Koury

Lecturer, Child Health  

Dr. Lee Koma

Senior Lecturer, Veterinary Surgery 

Dr. Anne Kowlessar

Lecturer, School of Dentistry

Dr. Krishna Kumar

Lecturer, Veterinary Physiology

Dr. Arvind Kurhade

Lecturer, Microbiology 

Dr. Geeta Kurhade

Senior Lecturer, Physiology

Dr. Raveed Khan

Lecturer, Family Medicine



Mrs. Elmelinda Lara

Ag. Head, MSL

Dr. Graham Laurence

Lecturer, General Surgery

Mrs. Kathy-Ann Lootawan

Assistant Lecturer, UWISoN



Dr. Declan Mahabir

Lecturer, Ophthalmology

Ms. Kavita Mahadeo

Clinical Instructor, UWISoN

Dr. Parmanand Maharaj 

Lecturer, Radiology/ Coordinator, Radiology Unit

Dr. Ravi Maharaj

AG. Head, Department of Clinical Surgical Sciences

Dr. Rohan Maharaj

Lecturer, Family Medicine

Dr. Sandeep Maharaj

Lecturer, School of Pharmacy/ AD, Distance Education, Projects & Planning

Dr. Niladri Mahato

Senior Lecturer, Human Anatomy

Dr. Shivaughn Marchan

Snr. Lecturer, School of Dentistry

Dr. Phillip Martin

Lecturer, Equine Medicine

Dr. Marlon Mencia

Lecturer, Orthopaedics

Dr. Lorna Merritt-Charles

Lecturer, Anaesthetics & Intensive Care

Dr. Wayne Mohammed

Senior Lecturer, Anatomical Pathology

Dr. Reda Mohammed

Lecturer, Veterinary Anatomy

Dr. Junette Mohan

Lecturer, Physiology 

Dr Krishna Mohan

Lecturer, Veterinary Physiology

Dr Natasha Mootoo

Assistant Lecturer, School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Michael Morris

Lecturer, Theriogenology

Dr. Mohanchan Shastri Motilal

Lecturer, Family Medicine 

Dr. Desiree Murray

Lecturer, Ophthalmology



Dr. Lakshmanan Nagarajan

Senior Lecturer, Veterinary Anaesthesiology

Prof. Rahul Naidu

Prof, School of Dentistry

Dr Ayanambakkam Nambi

Head, Clinical Veterinary Sciences

Dr. Candy Naraynsingh

Lecturer, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Prof. Vijay Naraynsingh

Emeritus Professor, Surgery

Prof. Shivananda Nayak

Prof, Biochemistry



Dr. Oscar Ocho

Director, UWISoN

Ms. Hazel O'Garro

Clinical Nurse Coordinator, UWISoN 

Dr. Philip Onuoha

Senior Lecturer, UWISoN 

Dr. Juanna Osborne

Lecturer, Oral Surgery

Prof. Christopher Oura

Professor, Veterinary Virology



Prof. Sureshwar Pandey

Professor, School of Pharmacy

Dr. Indira Pargass

Lecturer, Veterinay Cllinical Pathology

Dr. Amit Paryag

Lecturer, Prosthodontics

Dr. Joanne Paul

Lecturer, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Tricia Percival

Lecturer, School of Dentistry

Dr. Anil Persad

Lecturer, School of Veterinary Medicine 

Dr. Carla Phillips

Lecturer, Marine Mammal Medicine/Aquatic Animal Health

Prof. Lexley Pinto-Perreira

Emeritus Professor, Pharmacology

Dr. Shalini Pooransingh

Lecturer, Public Health & Primary Care Unit 



Dr. Camille Quan Soon 

Lecturer, Othopaedic Surgery



Dr. Reisha Rafeek

Lecturer, Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Vidya Raman

Lecturer, School of Dentistry

Dr. Robert Ramcharan 

Lecturer, Neurosurgery

Prof. Michael Ramdass

Professor, Vascular Surgery/ DD, Continuing Professional Development & Outreach

Mrs. Gloria Ramdeen-Mootoo

Assistant Lecturer, UWISoN

Dr. Anil Ramlackansingh

Lecturer, Clinical Medical Sciences

Dr. Shammi Ramlakhan 

Senior Lecturer, Emergency Medicine/ Paediatric Emerg. Med

Dr. Shaun Ramlogan

Lecturer, Restorative Dentistry (Periodonotology)

Dr. Arvind Ramnarine

Lecturer, Coordinator/ Emergency Medicine

Dr. Devindra Ramnarine 

Lecturer, Neurosurgery

Dr. Barbara Rampersad

Lecturer, Paediatric Surgery

Dr. Fidel Rampersad

Lecturer, Radiology

Dr. Visha Ramroop

Lecturer, School of Dentistry

Prof. Samuel Ramsewak 

Emeritus Professor, Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Prof. Chalapathi V. C. Rao

Prof., Anatomical Pathology

Dr. Ramesh Rao

Senior Lecturer, Anatomy Unit 

Ms. Avril Reid

Head, Medical Sciences Library 

Dr. Sandra Reid

Senior Lecturer, Psychiatry/ Deputy Dean, Clinical Sciences 

Dr. Vincent Rodrigues

Senior Lecturer/ Coordinator, Anatomy Unit

Dr. Dharmendra Rohit

Polyclinic Coordinator, School of Dentistry



Dr. Bidyadhar Sa

Coordinator, CMSE/ DD Quality Assurance & Accreditation 

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sahu

Lecturer, CMSE

Dr. Sateesh Sakhamuri

Lecturer, Adult Medicine

Dr. Sherry Sandy 

Lecturer/Coordinator, Adult Medicine Unit 

Dr. Rochard Santo

Lecturer, School of Dentistry 

Ms. Arlene Saunders-Phillip

Clinical Instructor, UWISoN

Dr. Patricia Sealy

Lecturer, School of Pharmacy

Mrs. Valerie Sealey-Tobias

Assistant Lecturer, UWISoN

Dr. Naveen Seecharan 

Lecturer, Adult Medicine Unit 

Dr. Robin Seemongal-Dass

Lecturer, Ophthalmology 

Dr. Trevor Seepaul

Lecturer, Orthopaedics

Prof. Hariharan Seetharaman

Professor/ Coordinator, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Unit

Dr. Subash Sharma

Lecturer, BSc. Optometry Programme

Ms. Claudine Sheppard

Assistant Lecturer, UWISoN

Dr. Parbatee Siewdass

Assistant Lecturer, UWISoN

Dr. Alexander Sinanan

Lecturer, Radiology

Prof. Donald Simeon

Professor, Biostatistics & Research

Dr. Verrol Simmons

Head, Basic Veterinary Sciences

Dr. Keevan Singh 

Lecturer, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 

Dr. Shirene M. Singh

Lecturer, Veterinary Immunology

Mr. Rabindranath Singh

Instructor, UWISoN

Dr. Shamjeet Singh

Lecturer, School of Pharmacy

Dr. Virendra Singh

Lecturer/Coordinator, Child Health Unit

Dr. Yardesh Singh

Lecturer, Surgery

Dr. William Smith

Ag. Director, School of Dentistry 

Dr. Carol Solomon

Lecturer, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

Dr. Rod Suepaul

Lecturer, Veterinary Pathology

Dr. Sharianne Suepaul

Lecturer, Veterinary Bacteriology

Dr. Venkatesan Sundaram

Senior Lecturer, Veterinary Anatomy



Prof. Surujpal Teelucksingh

Professor, Adult Medicine



Dr. Srikanth Umakanthan

Lecturer, Anatomical Pathology

Dr. Chandrashekhar Unakal

Lecturer, Microbiology 



Dr. Angel Vaillant

Lecturer, Immunology

Dr. Dale Ventour

Senior Lecturer, Anaesthesia & Intensive Care

Dr. Mary Virginia Victor

Lecturer, UWISoN

Dr. Sehlule Vuma

Lecturer, Haematology



Dr. Jonathan White

Lecturer, Equine Surgery

Dr. Arlene Williams

Lecturer, Paraclinical Sciences

Dr. Gillian Williams

Lecturer, Veterinary Medicine

Ms. Carol Wiseman

Clinical Instructor, UWISoN



Dr. Farid Youssef

Snr.Lecturer & Coordinator, Physiology Unit/ AD, UG Student Affairs

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