Information for Foreign/Elective Students

Elective/Clerkship requirements

Requirements vary according to department. Electives are available in the subspecialties of the School of MedicineThe Schools of Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy offer elective placements in selected disciplines.

Electives Available

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
  • Paediatrics
  • Anesthesiology
  • General Surgery
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Adult Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Opthalmology
  • Paediatrics Emergency Medicine
  • ENT
  • Community Health
  • Haemotology
  • Immunology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Radiology


Applicants should normally have completed the first clinical year of the programme (Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine). Due to the number of applications received, you are advised to apply at least six months in advance of the time of starting. Placement of elective students will be on a first come, first served basis, in accordance with the receipt of your completed application form (SEL.01). A brief curriculum vitae, passport-sized photograph and letter from the Dean of your institution, stating that you are currently enrolled and in good standing, should accompany your application.

While every effort will be made to accommodate students in the department/unit requested, placements in either the primary specialty or subspecialty area cannot be always guaranteed, due to the number of applications. Applicants are therefore requested to indicate a secondary specialty. The location(s) of the elective may also vary upon arrival in Trinidad, depending on the number of clinical students (including elective students) and the time of the year.


Elective students are required to complete a standard application form, which should be returned with a non-refundable application fee of fifty United States dollars (US $50.00). The receipt of this fee is a pre-requisite for processing all elective applications. Upon receipt of the completed application form and fee, notification will be dispatched.

If your application is successful, an additional elective fee payable in advance* will be required for the following periods:

Period Fee US$
Up to 4 weeks 400.00
Up to 6 weeks 600.00
Up to 8 weeks 800.00
Up to 16 weeks 1600.00

(Please do not send cash)

Please note that we no longer accept International Money Orders. ALL FOREIGN CHEQUES/TRAVELLERS CHEQUES MUST BE DRAWN ON A US BANK. Cheque(s) should be made payable to: STUDENT SUPPORT FUND - UWI, FACULTY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES

All correspondence should be addressed to:-
Administrative Assistant (Students)
Dean's Office, Faculty of Medical Sciences
Building 39, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex
Champs Fleurs
Trinidad, West Indies
Telephone: +1 (868) 645-5964 or (868) 645-3232 Ext. 5022, 5026                                               
Fax: +1 (868) 645-9836

Notification of Acceptance

Elective applications in the Faculty of Medical Sciences are coordinated in liaison with the various heads of departments, you will therefore be advised regarding the outcome of your application, usually within six (6) weeks of its receipt.

Students accepted to undertake electives/externships are normally expected to make their own immigration arrangements. The Student Affairs Office will, however, provide additional correspondence in support of elective placements and visa applications, if required. Confirmation of acceptance of elective placements should be made as soon as notification of same is received (preferably by facsimile), so that the space may either be reserved or allocated to another applicant. The name of the head of department and/or preceptor will be included in the notification of acceptance.

You may be asked to present the letter of acceptance from us to the Immigration Department of the Piarco International Airport. Please have this letter readily available.

Requirements vary according to Department. Elective students will be required to adhere to guidelines stipulated by the head of department(s); e.g. prescribed dress code (i.e. wearing of white coats on wards, name badges, attendance requirements, call duty rosters, etc.).

If you are accepted for an elective in a surgical discipline such as obstetrics and gynaecology, you must bring your operating theatre clothes (scrubs).

Elective locations include the Port of Spain General Hospital, San Fernando General Hospital, Caura Chest Hospital, Mt. Hope Maternity Hospital, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and Health Centres designated by the Coordinator of Public Health and Primary Care/Family Practice.

Any elective student who requires the University stamp from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, but is doing his/her elective with the Port-of-Spain General Hospital ELECTIVE PROGRAM will have to pay US $250 in order to get the stamp. The University of the West Indies does not give out seals, but only stamps to elective students.

Indemnity and Health Insurance

Elective students are required to arrange/purchase their own health insurance/malpractice indemnity for the duration of the elective period.


Joyce Gibson Innis Hall, Mt. Hope.
Located within the Faculty of Medical Sciences, on the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, this accommodation is designed in the form of six-room apartment blocks. Approximately ten (10) rooms are available for elective students at the cost of $17 US per night, and you would also be required to pay a precautionary deposit of $108 US (refundable) upon arrival. The charges are inclusive of electricity and laundry facilities. Students are, however, required to bring their own bed and bath linen.

For further information, email Ms. Stacy St. Hill at or Mrs. Heather Legall Telephone 1-868-645-3471/3478/3454, and fax at 1-868-645-3473.

Information about alternative accommodation in the Port-of-Spain area may be obtained from:

Student Advisory Services
The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine, Trinidad
Tel: 1-868-662-2002, Ext. 2098 Fax: 1-868-663-9684


Transportation (if required) from Piarco Airport to the Faculty of Medical Sciences is available at the rate of US$12.00 per person.

There are flights from London, New York, Miami and Toronto to Trinidad on a regular basis. See your travel agent for further details OR call Caribbean Airlines at 1-800-538-2942 / 1-868-627-2942

Contact Vashti or Roopnarine Samaroo (Sam) directly Tel/Fax: 1-868-645-3517 or 1-868-680-1355

The current fare from UWI Hall of Residence to Port of Spain, City Gate is TT$5.00. Generally, short distances “short drops” cost TT$3.00 by maxi taxi (bus) and TT$4.00 by taxi cab.

A shuttle service is available at the Halls of Residence for the purpose of shopping, sight-seeing tours, etc. Details of times and events are normally posted on the notice boards.

The University also runs a shuttle service from the Joyce Gibson Innis Hall to the Main Campus located at St. Augustine. This service will be available to you at no extra costs.


Every attempt will be made to ensure your safety during the precinct of the hospital on the Hall of Residence, but you are advised to take extra security precautions when you venture outside of these places.


During the elective period facsimiles may be sent and received from the Office of the Dean. Charges will be based on the duration of the transmission and value added tax of 15%. Internet and electronic mail access are available at the Faculty of Medical Sciences Library at the rate of TT$ 6.00 per half hour.

Postal and Banking services and the University Bookshop are available at the St. Augustine (main) Campus.

Exchange of Currency

TT$6.30 - US$1.00
TT$10.60 - £1.00
TT$3.50 - DM1.00

Revised 2015

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