Undergraduate Studies

The UWI School of Nursing currently offers three undergraduate programmes:
  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree - Post Registration
  2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (Generic) - Pre Registration
  3. Post Registration Diploma in Health Visiting 

These programmes are delivered face to face through a mix of classroom and laboratory instruction, with Clinical Experience offered at a variety of educational and health care facilities. 


Postgraduate Studies

The UWI School of Nursing offers an online postgraduate programme, the Master of Science in Advanced Nursing Degree (MScN). The MScN aims to counteract the expanding demands on health care which continues to increase the need for suitably qualified Health Care Professionals. 

The MScN targets leaders, teachers and advanced clinicians, preparing them for practice. In its initial stages the programme seeks to specialize specifically in the area of Nursing Education and focuses primarily on theory, research and clinical practice.

The MScN offers revolutionary and exciting approaches to education such as Distance Education, Teleconferencing, Computer Assisted Instruction and Mentoring.  

To obtain additional postgraduate information you may refer to the Faculty of Medical Sciences Postgraduate Information Guide, provided on the website link below:


For further information, including how to apply, visit the Nursing website.


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