Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy (B.Sc. Pharmacy)

The programme of study in pharmacy leads to the B.Sc. Pharmacy, and extends over four years. Graduates then undertake a six -month internship, as stipulated by the Pharmacy Board of Trinidad & Tobago, which is the regulatory body and licensing authority.


Entrance Requirements

Applicants must possess two A’ Level subjects (or equivalent), including Chemistry, and a choice from Biology, Zoology, Physics or Mathematics. The applicant must also have a pass in Physics at the O’ Level, or its equivalent. Registered pharmacists, holding a diploma or associate degree, are eligible to join the accelerated programme, as part-time students.

The Pharmacy Board is also involved in assessing the suitability of Trinidadian applicants for admission to the programme.

The curriculum consists of:

  • An integrated programme of basic medical sciences – anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, community health, microbiology, pathology, and immunology - using problem-based learning techniques.
  • Pharmaceutical sciences - pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmacokinetics.
  • Pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy – applied therapeutics with problem-based learning, complimentary/alternative medicine, non- prescription drugs, prescription dispensing, pharmacy law and ethics, drug information and literature evaluation, patient counselling skills, pharmacy practice clerkship, and pharmacy administration.
  • Biostatistics and research methodology, and communication skills.
  • Electives – Pharmacoeconomics, Community Pharmacy Practice Management, Institutional Pharmacy Practice Management, Clinical Toxicology, and Research Project.


For more information on the Bachelor's degree and on our upcoming Postgraduate Studies, please visit the Pharmacy website.
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