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The Department of Political Science is proud of its legacy of engagement and outreach via mainstream media (e.g., print and electronic) where many of our academic staff are involved and make significant contributions to public affairs at the macro and micro levels of our society and region.Similarly, DPS continues to make bold strides to offer multi-disciplinary and diverse academic programmes-i.e. public sector management, international relations, government (local, national, and regional), public policy with other disciplines (law, languages and behavioural sciences).DPS can attest to public service engagement at the local, national & regional arenas –where we have representation on State & National Boards/Commissions (e.g. E.O.C., Integrity Commission, CNMG, IRAC and in constitutional reform).Overall, the Department has a very good rapport with public sector stakeholders where we work as partners to bring solutions to unprogrammed and complex problems.The DPS has and continues to assist the human resource development and capacity building of our nation such as within the Trinidad & Tobago Public Services/THA.  DPS will continue to attract, interact, and produce quality graduates who have and will become local, national, regional leaders, policy makers, managers and technocrats in our nation, region and globally.


Currently, the Department offers a range of undergraduate programmes in the areas of International Relations, Political Science, and Public Sector Management with Law for the Social Sciences. Its postgraduate programme offerings at the master’s levels include two flagship degrees in Public Sector Management and Government. We have a post-graduate diploma in Public Sector Management.  Prospective students, who are interested in pursuing more advanced research degrees, can apply to read an M.Phil. and/or Ph.D.  DPS academic staff members possess diverse research and teaching interests which include but are not limited to national elections, constitutional issues, civil service reforms, public policy analysis, public human resource management and comparative administration.

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