Certificate in Public Administration

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This certificate-level complement, of 10 courses, is multipurpose for persons desiring upward career mobility in public organisations and for those seeking to fast-track matriculation (or for admission) to an undergraduate degree without advanced levels (e.g. CAPE/A Levels).  The programme covers wide-ranging themes such as management of people, behaviour and resources. Related themes include understanding issues in public administration, industrial relations, ethics, and political institutions.

Target audience   

  • Persons with working experience (e.g., public, private, NGO’s…) who desire career advancement
  • Employees at public service, local government, and other public organizations who desire promotion or upward mobility
  • Persons who wish to pursue careers in public organizations
  • Persons with O’ level requirements only who desire fast-tracking matriculation into any undergraduate programme
  • Persons who may not qualify for matriculation into their respective degree programme

Entry Requirements

  • Practical experience or other qualification of special relevance
  • Five CSEC subjects, including English Language and Mathematics


  • Five years’ experience of civil service work or other relevant experience.

What are the career prospects for students pursuing this programme(s)

  • Persons in the public sector can move from the clerical stream to the administrative support stream
  • For upward mobility and career growth in all sectors
  • Persons in the private sector and NGO’s can gain opportunities for career advancement (e.g., HR, administration, customer service)    

Interesting accomplishments by CPA Alumni          

  • Fast track into their degree programmes (political science, public sector management with law and social sciences, international relations, law, psychology, management)
  • Holders of scholarships, bursaries, awards and academic prizes
  • Career advancement – HR, administration, national security, local government, private, public, NGO’s           
  • Senior appointments in the public service – entrance level to leadership positions in administration          
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