Declaring a Minor

Students enrolled in any degree programme within the Department of Political Science are only able to declare (have it appear as a minor on your transcript) minors which do not require the same core courses as their major.

Students may however, pursue the courses and gain credits included in other minors for example, Minor in Political Science, but will NOT be able to DECLARE these as minors.

Students of the Department are free to pursue minors out of the Department or Faculty, as long as appropriate approval has been obtained. Minors are usually declared in Semester 2 of Final Year and declaration forms are available from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Administration Building.

Minors are offered in International Relations, Political Science and Public sector Management. Click here to view. 

Minors must be declared by the end of the registration period of the student's final semester. You can find instructions for Declaration of Minor in the Faculty Handbook.  

Please complete and sign the Declaration of Minor Form

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