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Postgraduate programmes in Public Sector Management

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Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Management

The PG Diploma in Public Sector Management is a multipurpose programme for graduates from all backgrounds who desire leadership and management training that can help to streamline their development for their practical careers.

The objective is for persons who have finished their first degrees and desire a short, practical programme to help build leadership and managerial skills to enhance their performance in such roles.

MSc Public Sector Management

The MSc Public Sector Management is a revised (2017-2018) multidisciplinary programme for persons interested in developing their managerial and leadership knowledge, skills, abilities and aptitudes. It further equips persons with a repertoire of 21st Century workforce competencies. Students gain real world experiences by applying theoretical knowledge to solving organizational problems using innovative solutions for public and private organizations.

Target Audience:

  • Persons with a first degree
  • Persons who desire a short and practical programme to bridge their knowledge and skills gap for leadership and management development

Target Audience:

  • Persons with a first degree
  • Persons interested in programmes with a multidisciplinary focus
  • Persons who wish to pursue management careers in public organizations
  • Persons employed in NGO’s as well as public and private organizations

Careers for PG Diploma in PSM:

  • Early Management and Leadership positions
  • Administrative Support Professionals
  • Analysts
  • Research Officers
  • Customer Service
  • Public Officers

Careers for MSc PSM:

  • Senior Administrators (public/private sector- permanent secretaries, deputy permanent secretaries, directors)
  • Middle and Upper Managers & Executives
  • Senior Research Officers
  • Leadership positions in all organizations (regional, inter-governmental, non-governmental)
  • Senior Policy Analysts
  • Consultants/Advisors

Interesting accomplishments of DPS PG Alumni:

Holders of national, regional and international scholarships, bursaries, distinguished national awards and academic prizes

Educators at all levels

High-level public sector managers

Permanent Secretaries/Deputy Permanent Secretaries

Serve in Parliamentary Committees, State Enterprise Boards and Task Forces

Technical reports/papers that guide policies

Provide consultancy, training and development of the cadre of HR

Consultants on major national, regional and international projects/initiatives

Experts used in the media at all levels to impact public affairs

Published authors in public management research

Executive Student Government Positions (Guild)

Leaders in Ministries (e.g. Vice President of Trinidad Youth Council, Ministry of Youth)



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