Our History

The Department of Political Science was de-merged from the Department of Behavioural Sciences in August 2014. Before this re-structuring, its roots go as far back to its formative years established at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies, during the 1960s, where it was known as a Government Unit. Therefore, when the Faculty of Social Sciences was created, the Department of Government was established and operated until 1996 when it was merged with the Department of Sociology to form the Department of Behavioural Sciences. Nineteen (19) years thereafter, new sub-disciplines in Behavioural Sciences were added to the Department. Ultimately, the Department of Behavioural Sciences evolved to consist of six (6) units, namely Government, Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Mediation and Criminology. However, as time progressed, the Government Unit, was able to put forward a compelling justification for a new department where we could develop own sub-disciplines, reflective of our unique programmes captured under the then newly created Department of Political Science (DPS) in 2014.

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