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The B.Sc. (Special) in International Relations is a degree programme (full-time/part-time) consisting of 30 courses (90 credits). It provides an in depth understanding of International Relations in both the practical and theoretical arenas with a special emphasis on the Caribbean region.

The Minor in International Relations consists of five level II and III courses. It is designed to help students from non-IR programmes to acquire an understanding of International Relations that will usefully complement their main specialisation.

Target Audience

  • Students (traditional students with O’ / A’ level qualifications)
  • Diplomats
  • Public servants
  • Private sector persons employed in private institutions who wish to gain insights into the theories and practices of international relations
  • Employees in regional and international organizations (e.g., CARICOM, United Nations, World Trade Organization)

Careers in IR:

  • Foundation into Diplomacy
  • International & regional organisations
  • Multinational corporations
  • International non-governmental organisations
  • Ministries of Trade, Foreign Affairs & National Security
  • Government ministries
  • National & International media
  • Politics
  • Teachers
  • Journalists

Interesting accomplishments for DPS Alumni

  • Careers at the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs 
  • Careers at the UN and other multinational organizations
  • Careers at Government Ministries
  • Matriculate to Postgraduate and Masters programmes at the Institute of International Relations
  • Holders of national, regional and international scholarships, bursaries,  awards and academic prizes
  • Youth Ambassadors
  • Representation in Model UN
  • Internships in international organizations
  • Consultants on major national, regional and international projects/initiatives
  • Diplomats
  • Lecturers/professors at tertiary level
  • Experts used in the media at all levels to impact public affairs
  • Published authors in international relations research


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