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The B.Sc. in Political Science is a degree programme (full-time/part-time) consisting of 30 courses (90 credits). It provides students with a broad understanding of political theories, systems, public policy and how these interplay on an international, regional, local and public spheres.

This degree is offered as a major, a joint major, and minor or two, which can serve as a compliment to your programme and understanding of political science.

Target Audience

  • Persons with O’ and A’ level / CPA qualifications
  • Persons who are interested in political science, law or any related field
  • Persons who are interested in exploring multidisciplinary foci
  • Persons who wish to pursue careers in public organizations

Careers in Political Science:

  • Administration
  • Policy Analysts
  • Foreign/Diplomatic Officers
  • Public Officers
  • Project officer in the UN Group of Institutions
  • Research officers
  • Politics
  • Teachers
  • Media Correspondents
  • Journalists
  • Political Marketing & Communications

Interesting accomplishments for DPS Alumni

  • Ministers of Government
  • Senators
  • Local Government Councillors
  • Serve on commissions of enquiry and state boards
  • Consultants on major national, regional and international projects/initiatives
  • Holders of national, regional and international scholarships, bursaries, distinguished national awards and academic prizes
  • Experts used in the media at all levels to impact public affairs
  • Published authors in political science research


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