TITLE:Calendar Event Scheduling Using Soft Constraints

DATE: Wednesday 29th May, 2019

TIME: 2:00 p.m.

VENUE:Department Seminar Room, Dept. of     Computing and Information Technology, 2nd floor, Natural Sciences Building

ABSTRACT: Persons use electronic calendars to schedule events and meetings for themselves, as well as with others. When scheduling an event/meeting between several individuals, the creator of the event/meeting has to account for the day and time restrictions of each attendee. This is usually solved by exchanging days and time suggestions between attendees or voting on given days and times. This cumbersome process rapidly scales in difficulty with the number of participants and has not received any significant improvements. We propose the novel use of soft constraints to address this issue. Previously, a user would state whether or not a time-slot is available. However, with our system, all time-slots are initially treated as available and if an E/M exists. That is, for each day and time, persons can assign a value (between 1-10) to show how important the event/meeting is at that time, with 10 representing an event that definitely should not be missed and 0 indicating a free slot. With this approach, an optimal day/time can be found amongst attendees by scheduling the given event/meeting at the time which is commonly least important


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