What is the difference between computer science and information technology??


Computer scientists and Information Technology professionals’ careers are quite pronounced. Computer scientists focus on the “why” behind the computer programs and generally deals with software, operating systems and implementation. Information Technology professionals, however, deals with computer system installation, using software and the maintenance of networks and databases.


Careers in Computer Science

  1. Software developers
  2. Database administrators
  3. Information Security Analyst
  4. Computer System Analyst
  5. Computer Network Architect
  6. Web Developer
  7. Information Security Analyst
  8. Computer Network Architect
  9. Computer and Information Research Scientist
  10. Systems Analyst
  11. Games Developer
  12. Forensic Computer Analyst
  13. Multimedia programmer
  14.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist
  15. Cyber Security Analyst


Careers in Information Technology

  1. Infrastructure Analyst
  2. Digital Forensics
  3. Application Analyst
  4. Mobile Application Developer
  5. Process Analyst
  6. Network Engineer
  7. Data Analyst
  8. Database Administrator
  9. Information Systems Manager
  10. IT Consultant
  11. Desktop Support Specialist
  12. IT Technical Support Officer
  13. Web Designer
  14. System Administrator
  15. Cloud architect
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