Computers, technology and software make the modern world go around. For every piece of software, there’s a programmer more so teams of programmers behind the scenes, solving problems with ingenious code, cloud security solutions and development projects.

programming1.jpg International Programmer’s day was celebrated on September 13th, 2019.


Many people observe International Programmers’ Day on the 256th day of the year because “256” (28) is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an 8-bit byte, and 256 is the highest power of 2 that is less than 365, the number of days in a year.
prgramming3.jpg International Programmers’ Day celebrates the positive changes that programmers make to improve our everyday lives.




The Department of Computing and Information Technology, at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine campus, celebrated International Programmer’s Day on September 12th with a series of activities including
  • Poster Displays
  • Demonstration of Raspberry Pi
  • Crosswords
  • Programmer’s Taboo
  • Decipher the Song (Popular song lyrics written in code)
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