AGAINST ALL ODDS: The Anil Waithe Story

The Department of Computing and Information Technology (DCIT) is proud of the accomplishment of Anil Waithe who, in spite of being differently abled, fought all odds to graduate with a B.Sc. Information Technology (Lower Second Class).


Anil was our first visually-impaired student who pursued a degree in Information Technology. Even though there were many challenges he crossed all hurdles. He started in 2007/2008 Academic Year and he continues to challenge himself by furthering his studies. He is currently pursuing his M.Sc. in Computer Science from the 2012/2013 Academic Year.


The Department recognizes that Anil has a strong support system via his mother. DCIT Staff noted that his mother would be Anil’s guide as she waited for him after each lecture and would channel him to the different classrooms. She also catered to his every need ensuring that he sought advising from the proper personnel. We are honoured to note such devotion by a parent and hope that such dedication would pave the way for more visually impaired students in the future. We would also like to thank the Academic Support/Disabilities Liaison Unit (ASDLU), for their strong support for Anil over the years.


The Department acknowledges Anil’s struggles and success. We would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes in his future endeavours. It is hoped that students would be motivated and inspired by Anil’s accomplishment.



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