M.Phil. Research Seminar: Security in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) by Koffka Khan



Presents: Mr. Koffka Khan

1st M.Phil. Research Seminar



Title: Security in wireless sensor networks (WSNs)

DATE: Thursday 22nd November 2012

TIME:1:00 p.m.

VENUE: Department's Seminar room, Dept. of Computing and Information Technology, 2nd floor, Natural Sciences Building


ABSTRACT: Research in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has experienced a significant growth in recent years. Sensor nodes are static having power limitations, low network throughput, message transfer delays and computation power limits that are major obstacles. The limited communication range of WSN nodes, link asymmetry, and the characteristics of the physical environment lead to major sources of QoS degradation in WSNs, while the deployment of sensor nodes in an unattended environment makes the networks vulnerable to a variety of potential attacks. The inherent power and memory limitations of sensor nodes make conventional security solutions infeasible. With WSN nodes being extremely resource constrained, it is really challenging to devise WSNs security protocols. This seminar analyzes security in wireless sensor networks and summarizes key issues, attacks, threats and countermeasures that should be considered for achieving a QoS-based ad hoc WSN security protocol.

The flyer details are here.
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